Vote to Protect Our Freedoms

The US Constitution couldn’t be clearer about its intents to keep Americans free and full of liberty.  I also don’t think it could be clearer about separation of church and state.

Tomorrow in the US, what is at stake is the US Constitution and its goal of keeping America away from tyranny and the anarchy of democracy.  Should the majority thru the democratic process have the ability to strip freedom and rights from the minority?  In Brown vs. Education, perhaps instead of the courts we should have let each state decide for itself on integration.  Or perhaps in all the inter-racial marriage cases, we subsequently modified the individual state constitutions to ban them.  After all the majority of people are always right and they should democratically be allowed to control the rights of everyone.

That is perhaps why the US has a Constitution and is not a Democracy, but a Republic.  It is designed to protect the minorities and allow an ever evolving country in the pursuit of happiness.  In the pursuit of freedom.  But now we have allowed certain religious groups to not only dictate to the minority and strip them of their constitutional rights, but also cross the border of separation between church and state.  The Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church) is extremely behind this position of dictating the definition of marriage in the public sphere.  Even when other churches such as the Metropolitan Community Church and The United Church of Christ, the oldest church in America, disagree.

That’s why I urge my fellow Americans in California to vote NO on Proposition 8.

I will not be like others; I will be like Rosa Parks who sat at the front of the bus.  It doesn’t matter that the bus will take you there to the same place at the same time.  Separate is NOT equal and Proposition 8 goes against the very foundation of America and our Constitution.

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