Turning 60!

Israel is turning 60 years old and celebrations are taking part in Israel and across the Jewish World.  Who would have thought on May, 14 1948 that in 60 years Israel would be were it is.  A nation of over 7 million people, a strong army, a strong economy, and described as high tech.  But most importantly that it would have peace with its neighbors Egypt and Jordan.

Its called a regional superpower, a hightech country.  Bill Gates has acknowledged its innovations and its the world’s second hightech area outside of Silicon Valley in California, USA.  It has managed to grow produce in the desolate Negev Deserts.

A country that was attacked immediately after declaring independence by all its neighbors.  In fact Palestinians yearly mark the day as the start of the ‘Catastrophe’ yet their peace goals are more marked by acheiving 1976 borders prior to the Six Day War than by more favourable UN Borders in 1948 which they lost in the Indepedence War.  Yet it survived and has created peace with two of those neighbors, Egypt & Jordan.

A country that has been vilified in the press, yet continues forward despite the propoganda against it.  Just now its bombarded with Missles from Gaza, a terrority it occupied to stop terrorism but has left in attempt to create peace and stop violence.  Yet Hamas not only attacks Israel but attempts to disrupt, attack, & steal deliveries such as fuel to Gaza so that this can be wrongly spun in the News when Israel stops such fuel & electricity deliveries. (Fuel is paid for by the EU and Electricity is paid for by Israeli taxpayers, not Palestinians)

Yet I think Israel has alot to be proud of, proud of it attempts at peace and those few successes it has acheived.  It can further proud of its democracy and its beacon of light for human rights in the Middle East such as the ability for Woman to vote and Gay Rights.  In fact in most of the Middle East you can be killed or imprisoned for being homosexual or when woman choose to not follow Islam.

 So join with Isreal and celebrate 60 years of something to be proud of!  Because, out of this grips of death and disaster, these people have managed to create a first class country!

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