Religion of Hate?

A Christian Church has decided to picket Heath Ledger’s funeral. Calling him a pervert for his role as a gay cowboy in the movie Brokeback Mountain. It begs the question, is Christianity a religion of hate?

The Westbro Baptist Church which has been controversial and continues to be claims that Heath Ledger who died on Tuesday, January 22nd is now in Hell.

While I welcome free speech, and their right to their own opinions.  We can not have dialogue with nor allow such hateful people to push their hatred in attempts to control peoples lives.  It is one thing to think hateful thoughts but to disrupt people in their time of mourning that serves no purpose other than creating more suffering is pure evil.  Are the people merely using Christianity as a tool?

Christianity by the letter is complicated.  While in the Bible direct terms do state that Homosexuals (and those that eat pork) should be stoned to death, it also talks about compassion and not judging others.  But why then doesn’t the general Christian community criticise those who use such hatred?  Instead other larger Christian groups create politics out of my life and provide hatred thru the political system based on Homophobia that exists today.  They believe their religion is the only way and that I must submit and that they must force the political realities to confirm to those beliefs.  It seems for whatever gain they must fight homosexuality in a war of hatred and politics rather then learning to live in compassion with people that may not subscribe their beliefs.

While there also exists small groups within the Christian Community the support Homosexuals in their pursuit of Human Rights, they are sadly a very small miniority.  Christians must stop using hatred and accept that society cannot be forced into their version of Christianity.  The leaders must stand up and say that while people do disagree we cannot allow hatred nor can we allow any religion or belief system to control the miniority.  We must respect everyones Human Rights.  Sadly, I think the majority of Christians have spoken and choosen to live only in their only realities.

Next up in this series: Religion of Brainwashing? I take an indepth look at brainwashing and reveiw the documentary Jesus Camp.

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  1. 😀 Unfortunity, there will always be bios in the world, along with hate. However, when it comes home to me, i have to speak up. Religion is a topic I very seldom voice my views on, but when It influences people to hate then I have to remind everyone that God Is love; not hate. If anyone wants to join the devil, then be my guest and produce hate in your life! Live & Let Live! I’m really glad you made this entry, because we have enough problems with our wars and violence to deal with. :'( I’ll be looking forward to your next entry on the Brainwashing topic. Later & Thanks

  2. As a follower of Christ, Let me offer and apology to the friends and family of Heath Ledger for how poorly we “christians” represent Jesus’ message of love and peace in our world. When I read the bible I find that the only people Jesus had a problem with were the religious ones who thought of themselves as above us “sinners”. I wonder who Christ is having a problem with now?

  3. I agree with Bryan and Vales comments above, also, does that mean that every Christian channel that shows someone playing the role of the devil (such as Carmen, etc..) mean they too are going to hell??? They are just actors, jeez! As a Christian myself, this particular “Christian” church is one that I would definatley NOT attend!!
    Rest in peace Heath… only GOD truley knows your heart, and HE is the only true judge!

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