Lies, Lies, and More Lies!

The media is just full of lies.  I mean it has become quite obvious to me.  Now that the conflict in the Middle East is over, it’s a time for reflection.  I guess people are trying to pin blame.  Questions asked about how long the ceasefire might last are useful, but outright lies about the conditions that caused the action and the operating environment are not.

You have accusation now from CNN and BBC News that Israel broke the ceasefire and not Hamas.  They show their video proof on live television.  Also in every news story they post they have to continually bring up the accusation that Israel has committed war crimes.

I’m glad they believe the accusation, because right now it is just one persons word against another. There needs to be an investigation that keeps in mind the facts that Hamas has used Ambulances to both transit weapons and to use as launching pads. I wouldn’t be further surprised if they have used white flags and then preceded to fire on Israelis anyways. They (Hamas, Terrorists) are the scum of the earth.  Israel has to operate against this scum that hides in civilian areas in some of the most densely populated area of earth.In addition, this lie that Israel broke the ceasefire is outrageous.  CNN is basing it on a video from November of Israeli action against militants.  However, the fact is militants were firing rockets into Israel constantly during the ‘ceasefire’. As early as June 25th the rockets were coming. Sure it was less than normal and Israel constantly pushed for restraint and hope that the ceasefire would hold.  Militants fire rockets into Israel, but ceasefire holds.  What an idiotic thing to say, rockets being fired is no ceasefire.  Only that Israel decided they didn’t want violence.  Then the 6 month ceasefire official went out in December with Hamas deciding they didn’t want to renew and increased the rockets terrorizing the southern Israeli communities.  I think Israel did what they need to do to destroy the militant infrastructure.

I feel really sorry that the Palestinian people have had to endure such horrible hardships due to Arab aggression in 1948 until now because most of the Arab world and even their own brethren in Hamas refuse to destroy their own hatred and move on.

Watch Exodus staring Paul Newman to understand how Muslims killed Muslims who did not participate or agree with their destruction of the Jewish State in 1948. They killed Arabs who had sold land to the refugee Jews and allowed them to stay in the British Mandate. If the Arabs had just accepted the partition in 1948 instead of blind hatred for any state that wasn’t Muslim and enforcing Muslim laws then we wouldn’t be here. Why should the Jews have accepted a Muslim state after barely escaping the torture of what Christian states had done constantly kicking them all over Europe ending in the Holocaust? Read in history about how the Spanish told Jews to convert to Christianity or leave in a pattern that repeated itself until most Jews were in Poland or Germany.

The opportunity for Peace exists. The opportunity for the destruction of Israel does not. I 100% support Israel and the IDF in any action to make sure they have a place they call their own and can control their own destiny. I’m glad the US and most of the world is not anti-Semitic. But back in the 1940s, even the US was. Watch another great movie called Gentlemen’s Agreement.And while these Movies are fictional in nature, they are based in fact and Exodus is loosely based on real events.  While sometimes reading the real facts is great, I think watching them visually is much more powerful and really brings the hatred to life and allows you to truly understand the existence of Israel.Again, I truly do hope they get peace, but Hamas is not the answer nor is the destruction of the State of Israel.  I and startBlue will continue to fight against the lies of the media.

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