The Republican Definition

What is the Republican definition.  What does it mean to be a Republican?  I think the era of Donald Trump has certainly made some question their party loyalty.  For most, it’s been a reaffirmation and a showing of their true colors.

Let me be clear that I went to private Christian school for most of my schooling, and it was various flavours of evangelicalism.  You couldn’t separate the love of the Republican party from the rest of the beliefs.  Sure the beliefs were good on paper.  They talked about morals and treating your neighbor as yourself.  They talked about protecting families and life.  I rebelled.  I was homosexual, I didn’t fit their morals.  The fact that I wanted to create a family with a man was something they couldn’t accept.  In fact they made my life difficult and I quickly saw that they had no compassion but instead they wanted to control me.  They preached about God giving everyone free choice, but gave me no choice to love.

But at least they had their morals.  They stood firm in their beliefs that life matters, that sex was sacred, and that life shouldn’t be vulgar.  Then Donald Trump came along.  He was vulgar, sex was never scared, and he showed his contempt for other life.  They didn’t care.  The Christians stopped being like Christ.  They accepted his vulgarity.  

They don’t care about stopping abortion, because if they did, they would be Democrats.  They would fight for social care.  They would fight for the single mother to be able to afford to care for her child.  They certainly wouldn’t support rapists and molesters.  They would fight to stop sexual crime and not force a woman into servitude to carry.  They certainly would not support a sexual predator for President or the Supreme Court.  They showed their word is meaningless as they flip-flop on a Supreme Court nomination in an election.

They would see that God gives all of us free choice and they would be shinning examples of their morals.  They wouldn’t wish harm or create difficulties because you were different or had different beliefs.  Real Christians would have never stood in the way to stop LGBTQ+ from being fired from their jobs just because of their identity.  

They would be champions for the poor, just like Jesus.  They would fight to stop Racism and they would embrace immigration as a tool to help those in need arrive to a better place.  They certainly would see that the majority of immigrants from Latin America are moral and good people.  Most of them are Christian.

Alas, this is not how it is.  They don’t and they won’t.  So what is the real definition?  What do they want?

This is clearly the Republican mantra.  The ends justify the means.  And the end is forced servitude to their god.  For some Republicans that god is money, others it is power.  For the rest, it is right wing evangelical Christianity.  They certainly have shown no problem in making their religion the state religion.  It is the opposite idea of why America was founded and it saddens me that they can’t see it.  Except that now, their religion is meaningless.  It is empty.  It is shown to be as fake as they are.

That is the Republican definition.  Let me repeat:  The ends justify the means.  It doesn’t matter the hypocrisy that I should be forced to be their version of morals, because it is all about forced servitude to their power.  I do not accept.  I dissent. 

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