Winter Solstice 2014

Time to say goodbye.  Sometimes we rush to say goodbye, other times we savour the moment.  But the day has come and we must move on.  Renewed and strengthened, we start afresh. 

Memories keep us warm.  Memories like candles that lighten our darkest days.  Painted on our face, a smile!  We are ever so hesitant, the darkness hides the new future.   Unlike years past, rushing out of a tunnel.  But this we keep certain, that light is ahead and the future is what we make.

My determination is stronger than ever, my will powerful.

And I’ll pause, to say thanks.  Thank you to Matt, it’s been an amazing 10 years.  Thank you to Kylie, your music brightens the darkest day and your smile has made a lasting impression.  Thank you to my friends.  Thank you for my SLK.  And last but not least, thank you to everyone who has and still are fighting for equality, for you the darkness is behind you.

Happy Winter Solstice 2014, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year 2015!!

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