Real Groove

The third single from Kylie Minogue’s Disco is truly a gem.

I’m really getting in the groove of Kylie’s latest single, Real Groove, especially the Cheaps Cut Remix. The remix strips away parts of the production and allows some real magic to shine out. There are also other great remixes including the Studio 2054 remix featuring Dua Lipa.

Real Groove was one of the more difficult tracks for Kylie to sing with multiple retakes in her home studio. However, the effort is much appreciated and the track is definitely a fan favourite already. The melancholy lyrics speak to a past where you had a real groove with someone and you’re not sure you should have let it go. Still the song will have you dancing.

Real Groove remixes can be found on the digital Real Groove EP or purchased on Kylie Minogue – Disco!

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