Kylie Minogue Padam Padam Single Cover

Padam, Kylie is Back!

Happy Birthday to the Pop Princess. Kylie Minogue is officially back in the charts and what a way for her to celebrate her 55th birthday. Padam Padam has taken social media by storm in a way that has escaped her last few albums. She has also achieved her first streaming success, breaking out into a new format.

The UK’s Official Chart explains it best: Why Padam Padam became a breakout chart hit for Kylie Minogue. “It’s a confident, left-of-centre turn, and people have been responding to it because of how confident it sounds, and how much it feels like a Kylie single. No-one else could have probably pulled this song off.”

Yes, it sounds like the confidence that Kylie exuded over 20 years ago during the Fever era. In fact the sounds is very early 2000s electro-pop. The era that of course caught my attention and made me start my journey to becoming a fan. Padam Padam is out now and her new album Tension is out September 22nd 2023.

Kylie Minogue Padam Padam Single Cover
Single Cover of Padam Padam by Kylie Minogue

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