Apple Port Wine

Yes, I’m here to whine and please do pass the cheese.  Apple finally updated its MacBook Pros and they certainly are very tempting.  I do have one complaint though!

The Touch Bar is very genius.  How many actually use the function keys?  For me it is very rare and usually to change the volume or change the track.  So while there may be a few vocal that are whining, it’s not my complaint.

If you hadn’t guessed, yes it is all about the ports.  I guess after its crusade against buttons, Apple is now firmly fighting against ports.  First they release a MacBook with just one USB-C port.  Just one port to charge and do everything else.  Then they remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7 (and I buy one anyways).  Now the new MacBook Pro has only USB-C and oddly still a 3.5mm headphone jack.  Yes, no Mag-Safe 2, no USB 3, no Thunderbolt 2.  So every USB device you own is going to need a dongle.  Yes USB-C is the future and the MacBook Pro supports Thunderbolt 3, unlike the none-pro MacBook.  But the iPhone 7 is still lighting and not USB-C and has lighting headphones that won’t work with your shiny new MacBook Pro.  I suppose the only bright side is that at least it has more than one USB-C port.

Maybe I’m wrong though.  Apple did conquer the button.  The new iPhone 7 is an engineering marvel with its new button less home button.  It honestly feels like I’m using a button even though I’m not.  And its latest trackpads are also button less and extremely highly rated.   We will just have to see how this port reduction works out.

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