Go and vote: Hillary Clinton!

So you’re not sure if you should vote for Hillary Clinton?  Well I’m here to tell you, you should! 

People tell me there is a frustration in the country about politics as usual and that’s why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have had such a huge swell of support.  I hear you loud and clear but the two people couldn’t be any more different.  Bernie was for the little guy and for universal health care.

And then people tell me that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton is perfect.  First let us not even talk about Donald Trump.  There is no grey area in his behavior, he is just wrong.  Let us talk about Hillary Clinton.  So, are you perfect?  Have you ever done a mistake a work? Maybe you emailed a receipt to the wrong client. There you go with your invasion of privacy.  Yes, Hillary made a mistake at work.  So what?  Get off your high horse.

Barack Obama was as close as you can get to being perfect when he arrived at the White House.  He hoped for change in Washington.  He was met with obstruction and racism.  This is the same obstruction and racism that Donald Trump embraces.

Sure Barack didn’t get everything done and hasn’t been right on everything.  But Obamacare was a step in the right direction and was only watered down due to Republican and conservative resistance.  Then after it was passed Republicans have obstructed him ever since.

At least you can count on Hillary Clinton and fighting for improvements and not rolling back any of the progress that Barack Obama had made.  The reason you hate politics is because of Republican obstructionism.  It is just ironic, that Donald Trump who spewed racist birther nonsense in an attempt to obstruct and humiliate Barack Obama has reaped the rewards of people dissatisfied with politics as usual.  Don’t let him win.

Go and vote Hillary Clinton!

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