The amount of hatred spewed every day is absolutely amazing. Comments are left on blogs and Facebook. Terrorists and national leaders and even American nominees for President are in on the game. People refusing to share the world they live in, hell bent on revenge, and just pure evil.

Be warned for a depressing article. Maybe I am idealistic and should be a beauty queen screaming out for world peace, but the reality is hatred. A loud minority perhaps, but even all of us can get wrapped in it from time to time.

The anonymous comments are the worst as you try to figure out if they are trolling, stirring the pot to get a reaction, or if they actually genuine. But then you see the vote in North Carolina and you are like… nope, there is some real hatred out there. Racism, bigotry, and discrimination still exist.

Or you have Hezbollah’s leader in Lebanon, Hassan Nasrallah, stating his desire to make Israelis “Disappear.” Sure possibly some of it can be revenge based. And sure Israel could do its part to, like stopping settlements to jump start a peace process. I don’t recall Israeli leaders calling for Arabs or Palestinians to disappear. I recall a group of people running from one of the worst acts of hatred ever and standing their ground on their historical lands when no other nation would treat them fairly. For some, unfortunately so many times those in power, it has been a deep hatred since day one.

Then there is Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican Nominee for President, tearing down Obama as soon as he announces his support for marriage equality. Then comes allegations of bullying, calling a fellow male student in high school a girl and helping to cut off his coloured hair. He claims he doesn’t remember but never meant anyone harm and obviously didn’t know the classmate was gay. Sure!

I remember the taunts of weird and different and girly. And gay. And they just don’t really click until the moment you are about ready to come out. I know that’s how it was for me. And yes they meant offense and yes they were hateful.

And maybe they are that daft. Maybe they don’t understand how hateful and wrong they really are. It shows how selfish society is. Because putting aside our differences is selfless, it is sharing this world with people that have different opinions and cultures and lifestyles.

We as a globally society continue to refuse to share this world and recognize hatred and call it out. We allow religion or political reasons to come in the way. We allow excuses. And it is about time we really stop hatred!

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