Don’t Censor The Web

Two bill are before congress.  They are called the Protect IP Act (PIPA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).  These two bill are attempts by big media corporations to stop online piracy.

The sad part is these bills are seriously misguided.

These bill would do nothing to stop piracy for those willing to do so. But it would implement technology that could pottentially and most likely be used to censor the web beyond piracy in the future.

It just baffles me that the supporters of the bills (SOPA & PIPA) are generally just as loud about being against the great chinese firewall.  If this bill passed we would emulate the Chinese, sure we wouldn’t at first block sites that criticise America or mention bad things in our past but the technology would be exactly the same (DNS manipulation) and easily circumvented if you switch to a foreign DNS provider.  So this bill would not stop Americans tunneling out if they wished to pirate, but it would allow the American government and corporations to censor the majority of less tach savvy users.

I am extremely proud of Google, Wikipedia, Reddit, and other sites for joining the effort to stop web censorship.  If you are an American, please contact your representatives and tell them you are against web censorship.


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