Proud Of Obama

Wow!  It really came as a surprise to me.  But I’ve never been prouder of an American President.  It is not that I doubted his support, but he put aside politics to do the right thing.

The feelings were very reminiscent of when I was so proud of New York after she passed marriage equality.  Sure we still have a long way to go but it is an amazing feeling of progress.

Sure there are cynics scoffing.  It is all about politics and I’m an idiot for not seeing it.  Or you’ll have the person who says it little late for states such as California or North Carolina.  But they’re wrong.

Politics is putting financial politics ahead of treating human beings equally.  But then I guess might be a gay republican!  And you refuse to see the milestone that is a sitting American President finally supporting Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Americans 100%.

It doesn’t make political sense.  Black Americans, a huge base for Obama, don’t support marriage equality.  North Carolina just voted to ban gay marriage.  Now voters know one issue they don’t agree with on Obama in the swing state of North Carolina.  Obama carried that state in 2008, he may not in 2012.  It is not political.

As I said, I never doubted his support, but I understand politics and sometimes you have to be vague.  I didn’t think he would announce his support until his second term.  It’s a huge divisive issue.  I don’t know why it is and why people can’t mind their own business.  But it is and issue and I understand that Obama could do more good, such as repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, elected then not elected.

And that’s how I will end this article.  Ignore the politics and focus on the message.  Focus on what Obama has done against the negative message of Mitt Romney.  And join with me in supporting Obama in the 2012 Election.

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