Future of Pride

What is Pride and what is the future of a phenomenon that has helped bring forth rights for a minority stripped of them.  Pride is a chance to be who you are and to express yourself.  It is a time to see messages of hope and a time to cheer them on.  It is also sadly a time to see protestors and see why we must keep fighting.

While I will agree that a lot of the ‘partying’ around pride has removed us for the core image of Stonewall and pushing equality, it does make sense as an escape, as a rebel  and as a time to celebrate what we have achieved.  But clearly more people must get involved in the political meetings, in the parades to push that we deserve equality, the same rights as everyone else.

We certainly can’t stop.  It is amazing the bigotry that still exists!  Would people in such large numbers across the US show up preaching against Blacks or Jews?  Not only that, but until we equal rights are won for us worldwide we cannot stop.

It always is amazing to see the mix of people watching and attending a gay pride parade.  So no matter who you are, I encourage you next year to come out and be proud of whom you are in fighting for equality.  No matter if you are straight, gay, lesbian, or transgendered.

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