Windows Vista: From Start to Finish!

Windows Vista is Microsoft’s new operating system due to be released January 30th to consumers worldwide.  I had the opportunity be a part of the Longhorn/Vista Beta and saw the many changes step by step as this product grew to Windows Vista.  Look at this new exciting product from start to finish and let me explain what exactly Windows Vista means to you.  Understand the new “WOW” and what it means for you and your productivity.

Windows codename Longhorn was the version of the Windows operating system designed to replace Windows XP.  One of the main goals for the Longhorn development was security.  It was in addition to major reworks to the shell in Windows, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player.  Initial work focused on changing the shell and the way a person interacted with windows.  Though for the more technology savvy the rework may look to as a step backwards, the interface allows the average consumer to more easily reach their goals.  Internet Explorer 7 was then changed to include tabs and new security features.  Windows Media Player 11 was then designed to make music a bigger experience focusing on album covers and an ultra modern design.

Step by step I saw Microsoft implement there goals as I would download and install their betas from Microsoft Connect.  Tools that had started in Windows XP SP2 really started to grow such as advance search features known as Instant Search.  It uses indexes just like major search engines to keep track of your information for faster and better searches.  Windows DVD Maker was also included to further expand Windows Movie Maker creating an inbuilt utility to create DVDs.  Further the Performance Assessment tool allows you to know exactly how well your system performs and only buy games and software that will run well on your computer.

Security changed with User Account Controls making potentially dangerous changes being confirmed as authorized before implementing the changes.  Changes such as installing a program or changing important setting can only be complete when you are first alerted and agree to the change.   This security overhaul prevents unauthorized programs from changing your computer without your realization.  Also included in Vista is Windows Defender which constantly monitors your computer to watch for unauthorized or unsavory programs.

The biggest changes that will really affected Windows besides security are the implementation of Aero and Windows Media Center in the Home Premium and Ultimate editions of Windows Vista.  Aero is also included in the business editions.  Aero is Microsoft’s new graphical user interface that changes everything.  It brings a WOW to Windows and new productivity.  The new interface is intended to be cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing than those of previous Windows, including new transparencies, animations and eye candy.  Windows Sidebar is the transperant panel to allow gadgets such as calendar, rss feeds, and weather to be always shown to the user.  Windows Flip 3D allows you more access to your applications and shows you exactly what you are doing to enhance your productivity.  Innovative tools really change your computing experience to something I still say WOW!

What does it mean for you?

Windows Vista will allow you to enjoy a secure computing experience.  It will allow you to control your data better with enhanced search and improvements to where default data is stored.  Windows Vista will improve gaming by introducing Direct3D 10.  Windows Aero and Flid 3D will enhance your productivity allowing you to manage your running programs better.  You’ll get done what you want faster and easier.  Windows Vista changes computing for the better, get ready for a new and better experience!

For more information about Vista visit Microsoft: Windows VistaScreenshots of the Evolution of Windows Vista.

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