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Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive

Sample ImageThe Xbox 360 HD DVD Accessory is a brilliant add-on for the Xbox 360 Gaming Console.  It allows you to enjoy High Definition Movies on a HDTV.  The main benefit of this add-on is choice and the low entry price ($199) into High Definition DVDs.

The 360 HD DVD drive is easy to install.  You plug in a power adapter to the drive and the connect the external drive to the 360 with HiSpeed USB 2.0.  If you are connect to Xbox Live the lastest HD DVD software is already preinstalled on your 360.  This drive comes with software on DVD as well.

Provided with the HD DVD drive is King Kong from Universal.  You pop it in and notice the extreme difference.  Stunning picture clarity from the moment the Universal Logo plays until the end.  And you really do notice every pore!

Whats also interesting about this attachement is the ability to connect this attachment to your computers.  Windows Vista played real well and recognized this drive as an HD DVD drive.  You will still have to install software such as PowerDVD to watch HD DVD movies on your computer.  Windows XP did recognize the drive but could not read HD DVDs.  3rd Party drivers are available on the internet that would allow Windows XP to fully recognize the drive.

So what are the negatives of this drive?  Well being stuck in a Format War, its hard for consumers to lay down cash on either HD DVD or Blu-Ray.  Obviously the benefit of this drive is the choice for Xbox 360 owners instead of being forced in Blu-Ray for PS3 owners.  In fact new formats cost more and thus make games more costly for the PS3 to manufacture.  The second drawback is the lack of HDMI in current core and premium 360s.

All in all, if you can find 10+ HD DVD Movies that would be worth getting and you own an Xbox 360 or Media PC (such as one hooked up to a TV) this is a great way to enter the HD World.  I’m glad I took the plunge!

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  1. This is a brilliant addon for the Xbox 360 and the price makes it attractive to the average gamer who wants an High Definition Movies.

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