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The biggest change in computing starts now.  And no Apple isn’t the one revolutionizing it.  Sure some might argue the iPad is inspiring it, but they are wrong.  Windows 8 is the opposite of the iPad.  Windows 8 is the long held idea from Microsoft that the PC is king and that experiences should add and not subtract.

Apple made a decision that iOS should be separate from OS X, while here and there giving OS X features from iOS.  iOS powers its iPhone and iPad line up while OS X powers its Mac desktops and laptops.

Windows 8 is different.  Microsoft has been pushing tablets using Windows, starting with Windows XP Tablet Edition, since 2002.  Yes, they have pushed tablets for 10 years.  Outside the corporate world in specialist areas, they haven’t really sold.   Why? Because traditional Windows isn’t touch friendly and mostly relied on stylus for input.

In came the iPad from Apple which built on the UI revolution that came from the iPhone.  Tablets are selling now to consumers in the millions.  They are as simple to use as an iPhone and extremely touch friendly.  So why is Microsoft still sticking to an all in approach?

Metro is in!  Taking from Windows Phone 7, they are doing a new UI while still giving the power of traditional Windows.  In fact one Windows NT Kernel will power all the new Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT and Windows 8 devices.  Windows RT are ARM processors based devices.  ARM runs your phone and all Apple and Android tablets.  Windows RT is not covered in this review, but will have an extremely similar experience to Windows 8 minus traditional Windows apps in desktop mode with the exception of Internet Explorer, File Explorer, and Office 2013.  Windows 8 will run on any x86 or x64 including tablets, desktops, ultrabooks, and laptops.

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