Samsung HP-S4253 42” Plasma TV

Winner of the red dot award for product design in 2006, does this Samsung 42″ HP-S4253 Plasma Display perform as well as its designed?  I think so, and its no wonder its one of the best reviewed televisions available.

Features include DNIe (Digital Natural Image enhancer), FilterBright Technology, and SRS Surround audio.  Connections include HDMI, PC Input, Component, and Composite Video.  But the thing that caught my attention was the shiny black design, and the good price range (about $1300-1600).

When I opened the box, contents included the fabulous TV, power cord, standard Samsung Universal Remote, a cleaning cloth perfectly designed to keep your shiny TV at its shiniest, and a user manual.  There were no video or audio cables, though most devices (such as cable boxes, DVD players) provide their own.  Setup was a breeze, consisting of choosing a language, time, and other options.  The TV easily connects to aerial HDTV, cable, or a DVR (such as Tivo or Windows MCE).  Its advanced features mentioned above provide for bright, realistic looking content that make movies and shows come to life.

Hook up an Xbox 360, or other HD Device and your television experience will never be the same with unprecedented image sharpness and quality.  Your amazed by how perfect HD really is!  This plasma set and its siblings (such as the HP-S4273 with intergrated CableCard, and the larger HP-S5053 and HP-S5073) really do make any room look better and expand your viewing experience!

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