iPhone 6s Review

Every year we get a new iPhone and Apple is increasingly stuck trying to innovate in a space that lacks room for innovation.  So did Apple innovate with the 6s?

The iPhone 6s has the usually iterative improvements.  Yes, the new A9 chip is faster.  70% faster CPU and 90% faster GPU.  Absolutely amazing and with the doubling of RAM to 2GB you do have a screamer of a machine.

Overall the build is improved as well with new 7000 series aluminium, same as the Apple Watch.  Stronger glass also helps protect the display.  However, the new faster Touch ID has left a home button that feels less solid.

My favourite new feature is the 4K video recording available on the new 12MP camera.

3D Touch is certainly an interesting addition.  It also one that adds complexity.  I’ve always had a love hate relationship with trackpads because you have to weigh your inputs.  I usually always turn off tap to click because I work quickly and won’t touch the trackpad gently.  I think the most frustrating thing of any computing experience is when the unexpected happens.  Apple certainly has introduced that uncertainty into the iPhone 6s with 3D Touch.  Trying to move icons around the home screen became a chore as I learned its long delicate touch instead of just a long touch.  You hope the iPhone reads the force you intended.  The original idea behind the iPhone was simplicity.  Coming from Apple, a company which long disdained right clicks, it is extra surprising.  3D Touch also increases the weight of the iPhone.

That being said, you can’t really get better than an iPhone.  It has the apps.  It has an amazing ecosystem.  It is extremely user friendly.  The iPhone 6s is a welcome improvement in RAM and processing speeds.  Surprisingly the features that where iterative are the features I like.  Maybe it is time for Apple to quit trying to innovate out the feature list and instead settle for improving and polishing the iPhone every year.

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