iPaq rx1955 PocketPC

The HP rx1955 & rx1950 Pocket PC allows you to take your work with you, and be truly mobile.  Inside is a Samsung 300Mhz processor and 24 MB RAM and 35MB Storage Memory.  WiFi is also installed, allowing you to connect to the internet anywhere there is WiFi Coverage.

The HP rx1955 & 50 is based off Windows Mobile 5, which has several improvements over earlier versions, and as a previous EM500 owner I can really tell the difference.  Included for the first time is PowerPoint Mobile, in addition to the improved Word, Excel, and Outlook Mobile. 

But the HP rx1955 isn’t all work, it includes two games and Windows Media Mobile 10 which includes a new sync mode with Windows Media 10 on your PC.  Provided you have a SD Memory Card Installed (32MB up to 4GB) you can sync a selection of favourites or playlists to your PocketPC!  Windows Media Mobile allows you to compress the files, with still decent playback, allowing you to transfer more than you would think possible.  But the possibilities don’t end there as you can install countless numbers of software on to your device, including more games.  Though the rx1955 is not a performance model, you should still be able to play most games.

Internet Explorer Mobile allows you to view most pages comfortable in three different modes.  WiFi comes in handy, as you can get directions, recipes, email, and MSN Messenger on the go.  In fact, I installed Skype, a VoIP platform, and made decent calls on the go with decent quality (as compared to a PC).

Battery Life was good, and you won’t loose information if it does go flat because of improvements in Windows Mobile 5.  WiFi however, was a drainer and you couldn’t use that more than necessary or to chat for long times.  Certain small bugs in Windows Mobile 5 affected me as an experience PocketPC user, though shouldn’t stop you from getting this device due to is low price.  And, as always HP Support left allot lacking, so don’t expect any help from them.  All in all this is a good device, with a few minor areas that could be improved along with the support from HP

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