Waiting on Tech

I have my preorders in.  Oct 22nd and Non 22nd.  Yes I am waiting on technology.  Take a sneak peak!

So I’ve had my Surface RT almost a year.  So naturally it’s time to replace that tired old machine.  We geeks are used to it and the Surface RT will go to a good cause, my husband.  Here comes the Surface 2:  1080p instead of 720p, Tegra 4 instead of Tegra 3.  Better cameras, a new two stage kickstand, and now in silver!  October 22nd.

November is arguably a bigger upgrade.  I’ve had an Xbox 360 for years, including the Kinect add-on.  Xbox One here I come.  What am I most excited about?  Well 3D Blu-ray is nice.  Improved Kinect is nice, especially if the microphone improvements pan out.  The addition of “Windows” and whatever form that takes is interesting, here is hoping to an app store.  Multitasking.  Graphics.  Controller.  What games should I preorder?  November 22nd.

Don’t miss the unboxing videos on YouTube!  And follow startBlue on Facebook to be updated as soon as I post the reviews.  Stay tuned!  What technology are you waiting for?


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