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So I recently got an iPhone 6, Space Grey 128GB.  After having used Windows Phone on my HTC HD7, Nokia Lumia 710, and most recently my cyan Nokia Lumia 920 some of you might be surprised.  Well for one, I did get the light blue silicone case for the iPhone, so don’t be too surprised.  Probably the biggest reasons for me was apps.  But otherwise feature wise, they line up quite closely.   In fact take a look at my Siri vs Cortana video.

Then take a look at some of the key difference I have found.  Take a look at the pluses of both sides.

Windows Phone Side:

Probably the biggest is Microsoft TellMe, the service the evolved into Cortana.  TellMe would read texts to you in the car using your Bluetooth connection and ask you to respond.  Certain cars did add Siri buttons and kits you can use to bring the whole power Siri to your car, but Microsoft did it first and did it right with the automatic reading thru Bluetooth, no expensive kits ($599 for the Drive Kit Plus in my Mercedes), with TellMe.

The small things, like Windows Phone having the beautiful Live Tile interface.  The Mail app only showing unread emails since your last visit to that app.  I find that good for mobile, I’ll read certain email but keep others unread for the desktop where I’ll need to do more work to respond.   Office included with no subscription.

Otherwise there is there the tight integration.  Tabs are shared between browsers, favourites and passwords are shared.  Obviously the integration would go the other way if you used a Mac or iPad, but I use a Surface 3 Pro.

The iPhone Side:

Apps, apps, and more apps.  Banking apps are huge, definitely a huge let down with Windows Phone.  iMovie on the phone is great for quickly editing a video before sharing.  Local apps like Wegmans.  Music apps like SiriusXM.  You really realize how limited you are on other platforms.

Speaking of music and iPhone, I really like how iTunes works.  Sure Zune was better but Microsoft killed it and Xbox Music is a joke when you look at having complete control over your music experience.  Besides I can get Xbox Music on the iPhone if I wanted to just stream… but I own 3000 tracks that I want to have all the right tags and cover art.  Not to mention that 128GB of space!

Sensors galore.  Always an iPhone advantage.  But a barometer is new to the iPhone 6.  My favourite is the step counter introduced in the iPhone 5S with the M7 Motion Coprocessor.
Keeping up with the latest technology.  Sure my Lumia 920 had NFC that I used to pair it to my Play 360s.  But ApplePay will be a huge use of NFC.  Also the newest tech like Nest, August etc. are first and best on iPhone.


Is the iPhone right for everyone?  If they want apps and the latest and greatest, sure.  Windows Phone doesn’t have a flagship currently and while checking the feature boxes does seem lame, things like ApplePay and the M8 Motion Coprocessor are things that will improve lives.

But I’ll still be an advocate for Windows.  Certainly Windows 10 will improve the app situation even more as apps will sure a unified code base (unlike iOS and OSX).  And it is the best overall ecosystem, one that an even iPhone will work with due to iTunes on Windows and Microsoft OneDrive.  That’s the benefit to Windows on a PC, is that Microsoft doesn’t lock you in.  And for those who use their smartphones for photography, email, and browsing?  Well you can’t beat the Lumia lineup.  Windows Phone is especially a value on the lower.  A Nokia Lumia for 635 for less than $100, no contract.  And it will run silky smooth unlike any Android at that price point.

As a tech geek I do want the latest and greatest and that’s been hard with Windows Phone.  But I don’t understand why the majority don’t want Windows Phone.  It is affordable, sleek, smooth, and has the best ecosystem.  And if the majority used Windows then the latest and greatest would be there… for now, I compromise.

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  1. I have used lots of different ecosystems from Symbian to WP (Windows Phone) to iOS. I feel that for photography, the software for processing images was best on Symbian, albeit slow. the 808 does beat the Lumia 1020. For apps, iOS and Android does have the leg over on WP. I have not used Android as I am not a fan of Google. The Apps are normally better quality on iOS as well. I use Apple products, therefore for Apps and ecosystem, the iPhone is best for me, as I use Mac OS X for my main computing. But Windows 10 does seem to fix some issues people had with Windows 8. A plus to WP, was how it could be a personal device with the different colors, it was unique.

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