Hot, Hot, and Hotter!

Global Warming, as scientists call it, is still a non agreed threat.  Some say that there is no evidence to prove the world is permanently heating up.  However, there is evidence that the world is hotter today then it was 50 years today.  So what is missing?  Is it a difference between those who choose to give up luxury to protect the environment and those who refuse to?

In Norway, for example, temperatures have risen one degree Celsius since just decades ago.  The winters are milder and summers are warmer.  England had its warmest summer on record in 2003.  These facts do not seem to sway those who do not “believe” in Global Warming.  The Bush Administration that opted out of the Kyoto says there is just not enough proof.  Should we not want to protect our environment with lest smoke, trash, and junk anyways?  Don’t you hate the smell of car exhaust?  Or are you blinded with the view of money and luxury over the future of your children and this planet?

The Fact is, IT IS HOTTER and I Hate It!

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