Winter Solstice 2010

Today is day to look the future, to forget the past, to forget our failures, to push forward.

While there are lessons in the past, heartaches that slow our step, failures that burden our souls, know that lessons we have learned will push us forward.  It gives us the hope for tomorrow, that yes our brightest days are in the future.  Clearly one can see your darkest days are behind you.  Yet you have survived.  And you will survive again with more clarity than ever.  Because of your strength, you will push forward.  You realize what the future holds and even on the darkest of nights the light shall return again.

Together we will push forward, work hard, and learn joys untold.  Together, yes we can! It won’t take determination, it will be easy.  Think of your brightest day, of your joys, of your success.  Because, you can, and again you will, and you will surpass.

A new day is always around the corner, a new chance.   So what then will you do to make me proud, to make us all proud.  What will you do to achieve the best day, best week, best year, and best eternity.  A blur of happiness, where when the cycle of darkness comes back you will glide thru.  Because the strength is there.

When I think back, I see future success.  But more than anything else I see hope.  Sometimes we get content to settle, that life can only be so good.  But I’m here to say, it is not true that we must settle.  You are not alone, together, yes we can!

The future is here, and I’m proud to wish you a Happy Winter Solstice and a Happy New Year.  To 2011!

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