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Welcome to the all new startBlue.net.  On the 20th of April, GOWAFG will cease to exist and the services, articles, reviews, games, and forums you have used thru gowafg.co.uk will now be operated thru startBlue.net  In addition our services have changed to better serve you.

You may continue to use GOWAFG thru gowafg.co.uk until April the 20th.  startBlue.net and startBlue.co.uk currently point to the new startBlue.  We will continue to migrated articles and reviews and do other improvements to the new startBlue.  Accounts will not migrate and should you wish to use the advanced features of startBlue.net you must register a new account.

New features currently implemented include:

Free email with every startBlue Account.  Is simple, it's username@startblue-178871.ingress-comporellon.easywp.com, you may check your email from mail.startblue.net.  You are not required to use the free email service, though you may start to do so at anytime!  GOWAFG Mail accounts will not be migrated and you will be required to register for a startBlue Account.  We can implement forward to forward your old email to your new account by request.  Please send these requests to admin@startblue-178871.ingress-comporellon.easywp.com.

New forums are also implemented to further integrate into startBlue with easier to read posts!

Subscribe to our latest articles & reviews by using your favourite RSS Reader.  We offer three formats for compatibility.

Comment on every article or review.  Comments are automatically posted and anonymous.  Unregistered users may post but will must use Security Image Verification every time, but by creating a startBlue Account you can bypass this security test.

We continue to offer:

Games, including Pacman, Snakes, Tetris, and Space Invaders.  You can compete for the Highest Score on the site.  You must be logged in with your startBlue Account for the High Score to be posted.  Long periods of inactivity on the same page may log you out, it is your responsibility to remain logged in and startBlue is not responsible for lost high scores.

Weather WorldWide.  By logging in and selecting Change City you can have your local weather displayed every time you visit startBlue.net.  You are also only a click away from a 5 day forecast!!  startBlue is still adding certain countries at this point.  No warranty is made to the availability of this service in all locations.

Submit Your Favourite Links!  You can have your favourite sites show up in our Directory and you can find websites to enjoy by browsing your Directory.

We hope you continue to use the services provided by GOWAFG/startBlue.  Please be patient with us during this transition period.  If you have any questions please use the support forums on either site.  We will promptly deal with all requests as we transition to a better site for you!

Lars Kelley

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  1. a fair site but with problems under the GoBar options when you check any option especially hiding the bar it freezses in vista home. then you have to hit esc. and of course nothing gets saved. 😀 😀 >:(

  2. Its something different. I guess if you don’t like it go somewhere else for your kicks, Huh.

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