Happy Holidays 2011

Tonight is the darkest and longest night of all nights in the Northern Hemisphere.  So we all are celebrating.

Some of us celebrate Hanukkah, the miracle of a flame that kept burning.

Some of us celebrate the Yuletide, the festival that celebrated brightening our world with lights and trees that winter could not kill, giving gifts to cheer each other up.

A few of us celebrate just the joys of the Winter Solstice and the pronounced meanings we can extract from the cycles of nature.

It is all about illumination, holding true to the fact that things get brighter.  That seasons change, moments pass and that we have a future fill with opportunity.  Our destiny is something for us to create regardless of our past.

And as such my slogan for 2012: That was then, this is now!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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