Push The Controversy!

There is nothing like controversy to restart your career, especially if your career is in the music industry.  One Israeli band couldn’t be happier with controversy after Finnish officials balked at their song “Push the Button”, Israel’s entry into Eurovision 2007.

We have all seen the stars mess up their own careers with controversies.  Other stars thrive and uses the controversy to keep them in the media and make sure people know who they are.  Usually its a mix of both, love by some and hate by others.

Teapacks’ “Push the Botton” which talks about a nuclear device and crazy leaders is responsible for restarting their careers.  They talk about wanting to see flowers not death.  Finland is afraid the Eurovision will be used as a political message even though they submitted a song called Nuku Pummiin (a song about Nuclear Weapons) to the 1982 Eurovision.  The Band defends the song, calling it laughing in the face of terror, something Israel knows all too well about.

Israel has won the Eurovision contest three times with the latest being in 1998 with Dana International, a famous transexual and singer in Israel.  Finnish officials will decide on the song next week, but Teapacks couldn’t be happier with the extra publicity!

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