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2012 has definitely been a good year for music.  The Annual 2012 still stands the test of time.  Looking back, late additions like Levels by Avicii (First time on The Annual) went on to be big hits in 2012.  But equally one of my first choices Turn It Down by Kaskade with Rebecca & Fiona still regularly plays on dance radio.

Narrowly missing The Annual 2012 deadline was Vacation by Alphabeat.  Previously on The Annual 2010 (The Spell, DJ).  The first single of their new album Express Non-Stop.

In May we had the fabulous surprise which was Timebomb from Kylie Minogue.  Previously on The Annual 2012 (Put Your Hands Up), 2011 (All The Lovers, Higher, Get Outta My Way, Better Than Today), 2009 (Boombox), 2008 (Wow, Cherry Bomb, All I See), 2007 (White Diamond), 2006 (Giving You Up, B.P.M.), 2005 (I Believe In You), 2004 (Red Blooded Woman), 2003 (Love At First Sight), and 2002 (Can’t Get You Out of My Way, On A Night Like This).  Kylie, unsurprisingly, has appeared more on The Annual than any other artist.

The Scissor Sister’s Magic Hour was released in May featuring Let’s Have a Kiki.  But now the Scissor Sisters have taken an indefinite break.  Will this be their last chance at an additional Annual appearance?  They previously appeared on The Annual 2011 (Fire With Fire) and 2007 (I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’, The Other Side).

Anastacia is back!  Releasing the single What Can We Do (Deeper Love) in July.  She also has a new cover album out called It’s A Man’s World.  Anastacia previously featured on The Annual 2009 (Absolutely Positively), 2007 (Pieces of a Dream), 2005 (Sick and Tired), and 2003 (One Day In Your Life). 

Kristine W. released New and Number Ones in September, featuring remixed old tracks and a handful of new tracks.  Kristine W. previously featured on The Annual 2009 (Never, Love Is The Look), 2007 (Save My Soul, Land Of The Living).  By the way, the new remix of Land Of The Living is great a worth a look. 

Back to Kylie, she released the single Flower in September, and in late Oct released The Abbey Road Sessions a radical rework of prior tracks in orchestral setting.  All tracks are prior singles with the exception of Flower, a fan favourite which she penned after her cancer ordeal and sung on her X2008 concerts. 

Alphabeat released their album in September, after their earlier teaser single Vacation.  The latest single Love Sea is amazing.  Not that I guarantee that any track ends up in The Annual 2013.  But seriously buy this album.  Buy Alphabeat Express Non-Stop.

There is a lot of great music this year… now of course it’s all holiday music and then the generally quiet first 3 months of the year until I start deciding what songs measure up for The Annual 2013.  But there was one thing that is very evident to me.  I want to recommend two albums.  Two albums that even taking a track or two and showing casing won’t give you the full effect.   First is The Abbey Road Sessions.  This album has me hooked.  Flower is great and might end up on The Annual 2013, but does it really represent what this album is about?  Second is Express Non-Stop.  The more you listen the more you love.  Jump In!  In fact, in the last 3 months I have listened to more Alphabeat than Kylie!

Did I miss something?  Suggest a track or an album.  The deadline for suggestions for The Annual 2013 is March 31st 2013. Comment below or tweet @larskelley.

The Annual 2013

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