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On Friday, April 6th Kylie Minogue released her 14th studio album after promising fans to have her heart and soul in her next album.

In 1988, Kylie released her debut album simply entitled Kylie.  The album debuted at #2 on the Official UK Albums chart before eventually peaking for several weeks at #1.  Now 30 years later, Kylie has released Golden which is set to debut at #1 on the Official UK Albums chart.

Golden takes the electro-pop that Kylie is famous for and adds a dash of Dolly Parton inspired country.  Kylie even travelled to Nashville, Tennessee to records some of the tracks.  The album is definitely pure Kylie though, maybe more Kylie than ever before as she followed thru on her promise to put her heart and soul in the album.

Kylie turns 50 next month and Golden, the title track, tackles this head on.  “We’re not young, we’re not old, we’re the stories not yet told … We are golden.”  The lead single Dancing also tackles mortality.

Her recent breakup clearly inspired several tracks like Radio On and A Lifetime to Repair.  Jack Savoretti joins for an amazing duet on Music’s Too Sad Without You.  Sincerely Yours feels like a song written for fans, and maybe references the four year gap since the last album Kiss Me Once.

“This is au revoir, I won’t go that far
(You’ll still see me, you’ll still hear me
Love you dearly ahh)
And this is not the end, I’ll come back again.”

Thank you Kylie for coming back again with your most personal album, an absolutely amazing album!

I’ll end with these excerpt from the Washington Post Review:

“The lyrics fit a woman who turns 50 this year — regret, bad love, hope and yearning.” “Still, there’s no denying Minogue’s overall skill, as usual. She’s earned the right to dabble in anything she wants, and she does it very well here. We just need to find a way to get glitter out of our cowboy boots.”

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