Kiss me Once

Kiss Me Once

Do you feel me?  Kiss Me Once.  Kiss me twice and I will give you my all!  All of my Kiss Me Once review that is…  Kylie Minogue is back with her first album since Aphrodite but how does it measure up?

I’ll admit, I’ve been a Kylie Minogue fan for years.  But I don’t think I’ve ever struggled as much as I have with Kiss Me Once to find a favourite track.  Not because I don’t like the album, it’s just I could more easily list the tracks that aren’t my favourites.  Like Beautiful written by and featuring Enrique Iglesias or Sexercize.  They aren’t bad tracks, in fact mentioned as favourites by other fans.  But that leaves nine amazing tracks.  Do I want tongue in cheek pop with Les Sex?  Do I want disco inspired Sexy Love?  How about the title track, Kiss Me Once, which talks about love winning.  “Fine, You’re gonna be fine” – Fine, a more 90’s inspired track.  Million Miles, is classic Kylie with a modern edge, a great thumper.   Then we have Feels So Good, really showcases Kylie’s vocals.   “If I set you free and you actually came back to me,” – If Only, a brilliantly textured ballad.

I Was Gonna Cancel, written by and produced by Pharrell Williams, is literally about Kylie almost cancelling on Pharrell.  Electro funk, typical of Pharrell shows Kylie can do the current sound as good as the rest.

Or let’s talk about the lead single, Into The Blue.  The loneliness of fame and the smile Kylie always has on her face.  “I’m not ashamed of all my mistakes, cause thru the cold, I kept my fire burning!”

Kylie does it again, but unlike Aphrodite it goes a little deeper.  Something rarely seen in her lengthy career, previously only in X and Impossible Princess.  After all it is the smile on her face!  And the smile on yours!

Kiss Me Once appears set to be a number one album in the UK and Australia based on sales to date.

Kiss me Once

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