Give Me Your Reduction

Madonna has just released her latest track entitled Give Me All Your Luvin.  She had taken a four year break from music after her last album Hard Candy didn’t fair so well.  So has she improved her game?

Give Me All Your Luvin is a cheesy, campy song calling for the listener to give all their ‘luv’ to Madonna.  It is reductive of Toni Basil’s Mickey both in song and style especially with the Super Bowl tie up and cheerleading theme.  But the video also further takes from Kylie Mingoue’s X2008 tour Heart Beat Rock and also from for her All The Lovers video.  Sure these could be coincidences, and especially with a planned Super Bowl debut make sense but it doesn’t bring anything original to the table.  Where is the ground breaking Madonna?

Is this the same Madonna that released Like A Prayer?  I can appreciate songs that are light in spirit, campy, or even comedic.  But that generally works for artists or drag queens that don’t take themselves seriously.  Madonna on the other hand does take her self seriously and as such her attempts at camp come across disjointed.

Unfortunately for Madonna, people are only interested because of past success not due to the merits of this track.  This production, for which Madonna is credited, is quite bad.  Perhaps she should try what she was good at, groundbreaking music that used progressive thought and relevant boundary pushing imagery.  That is unless she is truly past her game.

Give Me All Your Reductions or maybe not… Give me all your tracks that sound the same.  Because is Give Me All Your Luvin the best you could do?  If you listen to the MDNA megamix, you are left to believe so.

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