Cher: 2005 & Beyond

As the only woman in history to have a US #1 in the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s; Cher is a legend, a diva.  With a breath taking career, she still has not said her last farewell!  Upon commencing her “Living Proof/Farewell Tour 2002”, who would have though that it will still be going?  The Farewell Tour 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 is amazing, selling out its seats on every show, with over 250 shows of the Farewell show already shown.

Born in 1946 as Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre in El Centro, California, USA, she latered changed her name legally to just Cher.  Cher has entertained us in both music & film.  Entering her first hits together with Sonny, then known as Sonny & Cher, she later divorced and pushed forward her own career.  She now mostly resides in London, UK.

“I’ve got you babe” was her first hit, with Sonny.  They continued on with more hits and a TV show called the Sonny & Cher Comedy hour.  But the huge publicity put a huge strain on her, and the show collapsed and they split.

She then stared in films such as “Silkwood” & “Mask”, getting an Oscar for Best Actress in 1987 for “Moonstruck”.  Her latest film was “Tea with Mussolini” in 1999, though more are planned.

In the late 80’s Cher recorded “If I could turn back time” and made a risque video for it, becoming a huge hit.  This started a huge decade for Cher.  In 1999 she released the huge #1 hit “Believe” for which she received a grammy.

Today, she is to continue with her music and acting abilities. She announced her farewell from touring, saying she would continue with acting.  This is one farewell she hasn’t kept.  Today her concerts continue to sell out, with dates set in 2005.  She says, “I said this would be my last tour, I didn’t say when it would end!”  A concert to die for, a must see.  Cher, the Ultimate Diva!

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