A Second to Midnight

No hesitation, this catchy song shines a light in the dark.

Kylie Minogue is re-releasing DISCO with the new version called DISCO: Guest List Edition with guest singers Years & Years, Gloria Gaynor, and Jessie Ware. This video is the first song premiered before the albums release.

The song really showcases the talents of both Kylie and Years & Years. I also especially enjoyed the video, see if you can spot Olly Alexander as he and Kylie exchange outfits and wigs. It catches you off guard at first but is quite clever.

Another solid song from Kylie of what is sure to be a well received re-release. DISCO landed on the UK charts at the number one spot last year and solidified her status as a music legend. With so many songs to pick from, what is your favourite Kylie song? Leave in the comments below.

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