Whatever Works

Most Woody Allen fans have found themselves at one time or another having to explain the true genius behind a Woody Allen film; no more. With his latest film “Whatever Works”, Woody creates true movie magic, with no explanations necessary.  Woody clearly shows us how true success in both life and art requires a chance combination of luck, timing, talent, experience, intellect, and sheer perseverance.  The film’s unlikely hero Boris, played to perfection by Larry David, is a brilliant mind who has learned all too well the tragic pitfalls that life can deal out, and has sought to shield himself from these  tragedies by simply withdrawing from life. His solace is interrupted, however, through a chance encounter with young runaway Melodie, an intriguing character that truly showcases the talents of actress Evan Rachel Wood. Melodie is also seeking to escape the pitfalls of life that she sees as inevitable, were she to stay at home and follow the narrow path of her upbringing. The duo quickly form an unlikely bond, but their self-imposed exile is shattered when Melodie’s strictly religious parents (another perfectly cast pair played by Patricia Clarkson and Ed Begley Jr.) finally track her down and show up to “save” her.  Forced to deal with the myriad of backgrounds and problems facing them all, our characters learn that there is no one magic formula for true happiness in life, you simply have to follow “whatever works” for you.  Whatever it is you are hoping to find in Woody Allen’s latest film – laugh out loud comedy, searing drama, touching romance, riveting suspense, spot-on social and political commentary- you will be pleased to find in abundance in “Whatever Works”.

Contributing writer Matthew Kelley.

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