Windows Vista: From Start to Finish!

Windows Vista is Microsoft’s new operating system due to be released January 30th to consumers worldwide.  I had the opportunity be a part of the Longhorn/Vista Beta and saw the many changes step by step as this product grew to Windows Vista.  Look at this new exciting product from start to finish and let me explain what exactly Windows Vista means to you.  Understand the new “WOW” and what it means for you and your productivity.

Surface RT Review

It is all new for Microsoft.  They have entered the computer hardware market.  So what is the product like and should you buy it?  Does the Microsoft Surface with Windows RT have what it takes?

Windows Phone 8.1

An exciting new update is coming for Windows Phone. The update narrows the feature gap, but more importantly can it narrow the app gap?

Windows 10 Review

On August 30th 2012 I was excited for the revolutionizing changes for Windows.  I applauded the idea that tablets could do more than an iPad.  The startBlue Windows 8 Review was positive about the path Microsoft was paving.  Apple responded to a degree and will copy the unique multitasking.  iPad apps have responded to become more full featured.  Microsoft responded with Windows 10.  Let us review!

iOS 11 is the new Apple

In 2010 Steve Jobs famously remarked that the post-PC era had arrived. iOS 11, announced today and to be available for all 64 bit iPads and iPhones, brings us closest to that vision.

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