Surface RT Review

It is all new for Microsoft.  They have entered the computer hardware market.  So what is the product like and should you buy it?  Does the Microsoft Surface with Windows RT have what it takes?

Why you should not buy a new MacBook

Apple announced their latest MacBook this past week. And while I think that the design is gorgeous, the rest leaves much to be desired. Matching your iPhone with gold, silver, or space grey does sound enticing. Unfortunately you are better off getting just about anything else.

Windows 10 Review

On August 30th 2012 I was excited for the revolutionizing changes for Windows.  I applauded the idea that tablets could do more than an iPad.  The startBlue Windows 8 Review was positive about the path Microsoft was paving.  Apple responded to a degree and will copy the unique multitasking.  iPad apps have responded to become more full featured.  Microsoft responded with Windows 10.  Let us review!

iPad Mini 4 Review

The iPad Mini 4 was released on September 9th 2015.  I have been using it quite extensively for a little over a month.  Here are my thoughts:

Apple Learns to Compete

You know the thing that really struck me about the recent Apple Event on March 21st 2016 was the complete difference to any Apple Event before.

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