Samsung HP-S4253 42” Plasma TV

Winner of the red dot award for product design in 2006, does this Samsung 42" HP-S4253 Plasma Display perform as well as its designed?  I think so, and its no wonder its one of the best reviewed televisions available.

Apple Is A Bully

Apple is a bully.  Yes that's rights.  Today, the Apple v Samsung case reached a jury verdict of just over 1 billion dollars in favor of Apple.  The main points were that Samsung had breached Apple's trade dress and patents concerning 'bounce back' and 'pinch to zoom.'

Three Monitors

Unfortunately all things in life have their pros and their cons.  My recent purchase of several monitors has really shown this.  So if you are looking for your own monitor, I’ll give you a tour of my knowledge.

iPhone 7 Review

Apple just released its new iPhones:  the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus.  Every year people ask if they should upgrade and it is becoming a questions that is harder and harder to answer.

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