Vote to Protect Our Freedoms

The US Constitution couldn’t be clearer about its intents to keep Americans free and full of liberty.  I also don’t think it could be clearer about separation of church and state.


Proud Of New York

It has been a week since I was so nervous.  Alot of us were, we had been waiting close to a week.  The New York Senate was already suppose to be in recess.  Thursday June 23rd 2011 had gone, and nothing.  I was getting really nervous.


Proud Of Obama

Wow!  It really came as a surprise to me.  But I’ve never been prouder of an American President.  It is not that I doubted his support, but he put aside politics to do the right thing.


If you don't support marriage equality. You are a bigot. You support discrimination and you support treating others unfairly.

Bigotry is not a Christian Value

The complete mess in Indiana about religious freedom had me thinking.  Why were conservative religious groups using their continued perceived defeats to push for using religion as a reason to discriminate?

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