Apple Is A Bully

Apple is a bully.  Yes that's rights.  Today, the Apple v Samsung case reached a jury verdict of just over 1 billion dollars in favor of Apple.  The main points were that Samsung had breached Apple's trade dress and patents concerning 'bounce back' and 'pinch to zoom.'

iPhone 5 vs Lumia 920

Apple has announced the new iPhone 5 and just last week Nokia announced is new flagship the Lumia 920. So how do these phones compare, and which one should you get?

So I Switched

So I recently got an iPhone 6, Space Grey 128GB.  After having used Windows Phone on my HTC HD7, Nokia Lumia 710, and most recently my cyan Nokia Lumia 920 some of you might be surprised.  Well for one, I did get the light blue silicone case for the iPhone, so don’t be too surprised.  Probably the biggest reasons for me was apps.  But otherwise feature wise, they line up quite closely.   In fact take a look at my Siri vs Cortana video.

Apple Pay

I love technology.  The progression, the moving forward, the excitement of change.  It doesn't scare me, it excites me.  Makes me feel like a little boy, dreaming about what could be.

Microsoft Band Impressions

These are my first impressions of the Microsoft Band.  Is it worth your considerations?  Let us take a look…

Why you should not buy a new MacBook

Apple announced their latest MacBook this past week. And while I think that the design is gorgeous, the rest leaves much to be desired. Matching your iPhone with gold, silver, or space grey does sound enticing. Unfortunately you are better off getting just about anything else.

iPad Mini 4 Review

The iPad Mini 4 was released on September 9th 2015.  I have been using it quite extensively for a little over a month.  Here are my thoughts:

iPhone 6s Review

Every year we get a new iPhone and Apple is increasingly stuck trying to innovate in a space that lacks room for innovation.  So did Apple innovate with the 6s?

Apple Learns to Compete

You know the thing that really struck me about the recent Apple Event on March 21st 2016 was the complete difference to any Apple Event before.

iPhone 7 Review

Apple just released its new iPhones:  the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus.  Every year people ask if they should upgrade and it is becoming a questions that is harder and harder to answer.

Apple Port Wine

Yes, I’m here to whine and please do pass the cheese.  Apple finally updated its MacBook Pros and they certainly are very tempting.  I do have one complaint though!

AirPods Review

When the rumours started flying about the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack in the new iPhone, I was as upset as anybody. Nonetheless, Apple promises a wireless revolution.

iOS 11 is the new Apple

In 2010 Steve Jobs famously remarked that the post-PC era had arrived. iOS 11, announced today and to be available for all 64 bit iPads and iPhones, brings us closest to that vision.

iOS 11 Beta Overview

Apple has unveiled the public beta for its new iOS 11 that is destined for release in the fall for iPhones and iPads.  We've downloaded the beta and taken a look, so you know what to expect.

iPhone X Review

I can't believe it has been 10 years since the original iPhone in 2007.  Looking back its amazing how earth shattering the event truly was, it reshaped the entire smartphone industry.


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