LiteOn DVD Recorder LVW-1101HC1

Welcome to the Digital Age, with a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) you can record your VHS over to DVD or legally record TV and other unprotected video.  The LiteOn DVR makes it easy to directly burn any video over to a blank DVD+R/RW discs.  Just push the record button or use the Easy Guider button to guide you exactly what to do.  You can schedule a recording just as easily!  Included is a DV Link for Digital Camcorders!

But the LiteOn DVR doesn’t only record DVDs, it also plays DVDs, MPEG-4 Video, MP3/WMA Music, and Audio CDs.  Make it your entertainment centre!

The prices are GREAT, upto two times less than other DVRs!  Without a Hard Disk to store video before burning makes it cheaper, though LiteOn does offer a version with an Hard Disk!  Ultimately it is a GREAT DVR Machine!  Works great and burn great every time! Whats lacking?  A more customizable DVD Menu!

Tips or Tricks?  LiteOn does sell this product with DVD Region Restrictions as found in most other DVD Players.  For example if you purchase this device in the US then you would be restricted to Region 1 DVDs or DVDs purchased in the US & Canada.  However:

Disclaimer: It is illegal to break the law concerning DVDs and Piracy in your area/country. Some countries have laws concerning DVD Regions, others do not. It is your responsibility understand the law in your country. The information provided is for informational purposes only and allows for the Region Free use of Select LiteON DVR Models. Most European Countries already widely sell Region Free Players that can play DVDs made in any Region. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOUR DESTROY YOUR MACHINE. THESE STEPS MAY OR MAY NOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

With the DVR/DVD Machine On, please follow the following steps:
Press Setup on your LiteOn Remote, Scroll down to Exit. Press 2, 9, 6, and 0. Press Enter. A list of Region Codes will Appear (Region Free – 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). You may then select the region of the DVD you wish to play. You may select Region Free – 0 which will allow any region coded dvd to be played.

To my Knowledge utilizing this information is not illegal, nor does it void your warranty as LiteOn has abviously allowed this transformation in the firmware for some reason. However, this information is provided in accordance with my disclaimer. Most DVD Players do not have an “easy” way to change the region coding. However, as I have stated, in Europe it is really easy to find Region Free DVD Players, not so in the United States. These items appear to be sold Internationally, I cannot confirm which models do have this firmware. I know there are several, as I bought a cheaper scale DVR and followed this hack published in an eBay Listing (which is temporary) for a more expensive model with included Hard Drive (costs 3x as much, no thanx) and other options. I have since decided to publish this information, since I have verifed it works.

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  2. need instructions on how to program with a different remote. doesn’t have a code for liteon DVD recorder

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