Insignia IS-LCDTV32 LCD TV

The Insignia IS-LCDTV32 is a Liquid Crystal Display TV that is HD Ready with an high WXGA Resolution.  At the lower end of the price scale, I found this totally black television to be stylish.  In store comparisons on picture quality promoted me to purchase this TV.  I had previously owned another LCD TV, that worked well except it was not High Definition (HD) nor did it handle dark scenes well.  This was very important to me, as well as the price.

I was very pleased with the quality of this television.  I hooked up the Insignia IS-HTIB102732 Home Theatre System using HD Component Video, and you could notice the increased quality on played DVDs.  TV quality was normal as I had not ordered HDTV yet.  The contrast and brightness of the LCD was great, with no problems watching dark scenes.

If you didn’t have a home theatre system, the included SRS Virtual Surround gave you great listening, with 7W per speaker.  Wide 170° horizontal and vertical viewing angles make every seat the best in the house.  This TV is really featured packed for a low price!

Update November 2006
The Insiginia IS-LCDTV32 has decided to quit working.  It will intermitently not turn, sometimes days at time without turning on.  I have request service from Best Buy (as Insignia is a BestBuy Company).  I have been waiting over 30 days for repair, and parts are on back-order for 28 more days.  Be advised the BestBuy Warranty means nothing in regard to Customer Care or Speed.  This warning may also apply to the following Insignia Products: NS-42PDP, INP4219, INC4218, NS-32LCD, and NS-27LCD.

Verdict: Do not buy Insignia products.

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  1. Mine is a pice of crap too, same problem, I bought mine in July of 05 nd it failed in December 05, In January 05 it went into storage until July 07 and failed again within 2 weeks. Estimate to repair over $1000, and the tech said he wouldn’t guarantee it beyond 30 days. So, it has failed twice within 7 months of actual use and Best Buy is unwilling to keep a customer who has spent thousands. 1- TV, 2 – Microwaves, 1- 60 gif IPOD, 1- Home theater system, 1- Laptop and a bunch of little crap. The service tech said they have had so many problems with these units that they have stopped selling them, so they KNOW they’re crap. I am appaled at their lack of care or concern. Don’t bother calling the phone number le=isted on the Best Buy site, they’ll just tll you tough luck and to call Best Buy. I’ll not spend another nickle with best buy. Period.

  2. Mine has the same problem, taking anywhere from 10 mins. to a day later to come on (if you turn it off you won’t get it back on until the following day). Now, some how, after muteing the sound, the sound won’t come on; all this, and I havern’t finished paying the darn thing off! I wanted to call customer service but, after reading your comments, I am angered and bewildered!

  3. If you had bought the service plan you would have had no problems. I got one for 4 yrs on mine it started having some sound problems so i took it back and got a new one. Easy as pie.

  4. My tv stopped working slightly after a year. Insignia was rude and the trouble shooting they offered consisted of unplugging and replugging in the tv. Best Buy told me my only option was to have a repair man come to my home C.O.D. For $500 product I certainly expect more than this after just a year. I will never buy another Insignia product and highly recommend the same.

  5. Same thing. I have a 26″ Insignia TV and I’ll turn it on and it turns off by itself. I called and was told the amazing advice of unplug and plug it back in. This company sucks!

  6. I have been in the electronics buisness as an owner and a tech for 40 years and i can assure all of you that every make of LCD,Plasma.or liquid crystal have some kind of problem eventually.They all have only so many hours that they are expected to last.Even worse is the DLP sets which have one bulb that costs from 109.00 to 350.00 just for the bulb thats not counting the service fee.Thay also have a multicolored disc with a small motor that spins over the bulb and it to goes out every 4 to 6 months.In my opinion,one is still better off with crt or high def projection.

  7. I have a insignia ns-ltdvd26 after 4 months no database came up on the screen whats up with that?

  8. Alas, I too have just been had- by reading your comments -again! 5 months old and the Insignia I own is out like a light. Funny thing is it’s the second LCD TV I’ve purchased. My first cost me over $3500 but the price doesn’t seem to matter. Different manufacturer but same problems. Two in a year. Isn’t that enough to curl your hair. I too have had no assistance in repair. Both failed under a year and nobody seems to want to take accountability. Fast to make the sale and take our money – but not so fast to help when the product fails. Is this more of a sign of things to come?

  9. There is a well known problem with the power supply where 3 capacitors fail. I fixed this on mine for about $15 (including lots of spare Caps). Check ‘Fixya’ website and search for the TV – lots of information there if you are handy

  10. i bought an ns-32lcd model in Jan ’07. now in October of 2008, less than 2 years later for the tv that i paid $750.00, it has quit working. i am so disappointed in an expansive product like this and reliability is so poor.

  11. Thanks for the reviews. I guess I will stick to the LCD TV. I was looking to by a plasma insignia, but I won’t now. Thanks for letting me know.

  12. ATTENTION BUYERS DO NOT PURCHASE AN INSIGNIA PRODUCT!!!! I purchased my insinia less than 2 years ago. I turned it off and it never turned back on yhe insignia emblem will turn from red to blue but thats it no sound no picture. Best Buy wants to send a tech out @ the cost of 320.00 plus parts. the TV cost 700.00. This is my first and last Insignia product not a BEST BUY at all this was a RIP OFF!

  13. Bought my 32 inch LCD tv on 12/8/07. No joke on 12/15/08 the power went out and has not come back on. Excatly one year later, this stupid thing broke. The tech at insgina said since its out of warranty they cant do anything. Seriously a week out of warranty and nothing can be done, what joke.

  14. And here I thought it was just my Insignia that went bad. I cannot believe all the people that have had this problem. Something should be done about Best Buy and this Insignia Brand that they sold to all of us and are still selling Insignia’s to other people that have no clue about this problem. We should call CNN and let them get the word out. I am so pissed. 🙁

  15. Well well well, it’s not just me. >:(I have the NS-LCD27 and today it just stopped working. It has no screen, it just has a spooling sound. I have spoke with the manufacturer (Insignia), went to Best Buy, spoke with the Geek Squad and am being asked to pay $150 for them to do a diagnostic. Not too happy about that. I was about to cut my cable off at the beginning of this month, but didn’t. So much for getting my money’s worth.

  16. Heey…me too my insignia 27″ tv doesn’t start at all only after 5 months of use. I lost the best buy purchase receipt to the tv and hence they wouldn’t honor the warranty so I played their system and purchased the same identical tv from best buy, went home and took the old tv, put it in the carton along with the catalogs and returned it to best buy with the new receipt…. they couldn’t utter a single word because to them, the tv appeared to be 1 day old and they refunded my money right away. So I sugest you guys to do the same thing to get your money back especially in this poor economy, the tv is the last thing you want to spend money on right now!..

    Good luck

  17. that’s good advise .. another peice of good advise is go to future shop to buy your tvs they apparently own best buy but they do not operate the same way ..spring for the extended warrenty i had a 50 inch projection tv an starting having problems with the picture there were lines going across it and i called future shop they came and picked up the tv an said it was not worth fixing they would just replace it with the same value tv now i have a 50 inch plasma for free and i sprang and got that extended warrenty on that an the best thing is they said i could be as picky as i want an send it for service whenever i want so when the warrenty is almost up if it hasn’t gone yet i will send it in to be serviced just to be sure … so i also bought the 32 inch insignia for my bedroom after reading all your responses i’m glad i sprung for those exteneded warrentys..that’s the best advice i can give you… 😉

  18. Good to hear all of this. I purchased a 26Insignia LCD DVD combo from Best buy about 6 monthes ago.I have the Ext warr. I took it in for repair because the TV was shutting down in the middle of a movie.The geek squad told me if you send in your TV 3 times the next time they will replace it. Im on my fourth Turn and now the geek squad is telling me we have only fixed it twice. I have reciepts for all. They are unbelieveable.

  19. I bought mine at Best Buy about 15 months ago. It all of a sudden just went black. The TV turns on and the LED goes blue, but no sound, no video, the menu won’t even come up. I am guessing I have to contact BestBut/Insignia? This is retardard… I’ve never had a TV stop working on me, even after 10 years.

  20. Same here blue light comes on then shuts off identical issue to others. Mine is inp4219 plasma. Looks like an insignia issue

  21. After talking to Best Buy’s customer support over seas, they told me that it is still in warranty and they they will send Geek Squad to my house. I asked if anything else could be done, because I don’t want to miss work, so he told me to bring it to Best Buy. After lugging it to Best Buy they told me they don’t service TV’s over 26 inches and that I need to arrange a home visit. Well after a bit of annoyance, they are coming to look at it on Friday. I am really hoping they can do something then and not make me wait for parts. I can’t go much longer with no TV.

  22. Grrr… So the Geek Squad guy comes to my house, after 6 days of waiting with no TV… He looks at the TV, doesn’t touch it at all, doesn’t even try to turn it on. I tell home what it is doing, that the LED goes from red to blue, but nothing happens. He tells m he will order parts and they are usualy on back order. That he will order them and make a new visit in about 7 days… REALLY?!? I understand that he probably already knows wha the issue is, but why don’t they have some of these parts on hand. They knew they had this service visit and they knew the details of the problem. I don’t get it. No thinking ahead.

  23. the same thing happened to my 32′ Insignia…power light shows green but no sound or picture at all.

    I just can’t believe this is happening.

  24. I just want to give an update on this… on the 13th after this happened I wrote an E-mail to Best Buy Corp. They responded to be withen an hour, and had a loaner TV at my house that evening. They came back 3 weeks later and fixed my old Television. Of course, I was still under the warranty period, so the TV could get fixed, but the service was excelent once I talked to the right person.

  25. I am currently having the same issue with my 22″ Insignia. I turn it on and then the screen randomly goes black with no sound or audio but the power light remains on. I have a warranty on it so I’m in the process of it being sent in from Best Buy to another Geek Squad location because they said, “Our enviornment is not clean enough to repair it in”. So it can be 3 weeks to a month or longer without a TV. LAME

  26. Total disappointment! I’ve bought 2 Insignia TVs in the past 2 years; both are done. I’m going anywhere else but Best Buy!

  27. Any idea what is causing this problem? I too have a failed NS-32LCD tv that the power light comes on and the screen stays blank with no audio. I was wondering if just a chip needs to be replaced on the main board. If bb wont fix it i will.

  28. I have an insignia 50 inch Model NS-PDP50, what a piece. I’ve had it for 16 months and the other day about 5 minutes after I turned it on a loud pop came from the tv. Now, it will turn on but shuts itself off right away! I called best buy many times now and they can’t seem to find a repair man to service insignia tv’s. WHY SELL SOMETHING THAT THEY CAN’T FIND A REPAIR MAN FOR! I’ve also tried finding someone, and no luck it’s been 15 days now and still no response from bestbuy RETARD SQUAD! The tv is now a $1500 paper weight.
    All circuit boards in this tv have LG stamped all over them, why is it that people can service LG but not something with LG boards in them? Does this Raise a ? on how well built LG’s are? CAN ANYONE OUTTHERE TELL ME WHAT MIGHT BE THE PROBLEM
    I’ve checked all small amp fuses that I could find.

  29. Well…. Ahh…after reading all these posts all I can say is….. IF ANYONE FINDS A SOLUTION FOR THIS PROBLEM please let me know!!!
    Best Buy and their lack of customer service is just aggravating at this point… 3 week wait, no fixing of the stupid Insignia TV …
    What a disappointment!!


  31. I purchased a Insignia 32″ flat screen 19 mos ago from Best Buy and have the same problem. It will not turn on anymore. I called Best Buy and they said they will ship it to New York to have a diagnostic test for $84.95. Of course I will have to pay for the shipping. It will probaly cost mega dollars replacing the control board or whatever is wrong with it. I’m just going to use it as an anchor for my boat. I’ll buy a better name brand after this fiasco.

  32. i used to work for future shop(best buy) and ya they are crap.get the ext. warranty and u wont have a prob though.

  33. I will say this, no matter what tv you buy you will have a problem with it. But what ive seen samsung is WORSE than an insgina. and ALWAYS ALWAYS get the MAX exteneded warnty and renew it if you get the chance, you will not regret it, 50-200 bucks for one for 4-5 years of coverage? Ive seen screens go out – LCD screens…. to replace it is over 1,500 for just a 32in tv. try a 55in over 2 grand… Enjoy 😀

  34. Mine (ns-lcd32) did the same thing after about 10 months – no response! I tried replacing remote batteries, turning on and off manually with no luck. Then come back on after leaving it alone for about 4 hours. Did this to me twice and then has never done it again…so far , so good and its been about 10 months now, so don’t trash it,you might get lucky like I did, but it sucks that is not 1080p standard,but 900 x 600 capable only.

  35. I have a Insignia inp4219 (manufactured in 2005) … the sound is good , the picture is weak/not clear or very bad , lots of dark spots around the edges …

    What can be the cause ??

  36. Have The same problem with my Insignia NS-LCD32FS wont turn on shows the power coming on and off. Can take anywhere from 15 mins to 45 mins before anything shows up on screen. today have been trying for 3 hours and nothing and It seems no one has got a anwser for this on these posts. would love to know the problem, oh but once it is on it will turn off and on after it warms up but it just wont start the next day.

  37. Has anyone had an issue with the picture getting huge? I’ve had my Insignia for almost 2 yrs so obviously I’ve been a little better off than some…..After reading all of these comments I might as well just chunk the piece of crap

  38. Boought a 26″ insignia 3 months ago and it no longer works. Called best buy and they told me to bring it in. After reading all these negative comments I am sure they wont do anything,. Well, I guess I will call the credit card company and refuse to finish paying for it.

  39. Wish I had read this before we bought an Insignia NS-LDVD32Q. We had it less than 2 months and it goes off by itself sometimes rebooting and sometimes not. I took it back to Best Buy who is sending it away to be “fixed” under warranty in 2-4 weeks. After reading this I wonder if we have made a very big mistake in purchasing this TV.

  40. I bought an NS-NTDVD26-09 in December, and we leave it on virtually 24/7. Last night it just shut off. I powered on, and all was good for about 5 minutes, then shut off again. I’m thinking it was “overheating” or had dust in side, so I’m gonna use some canned air on it and try again. It’s been great otherwise. We shall see, and I’ll keep you posted.

  41. Guess what–my 2 1/2 year old NS 32LCD had the red light turn to blue and the screen just remained black today–sound familiar? Need I go on? $150 for the repairman to walk in the door? Time to go to Sears for a name brand. Why should I buy an extended warranty–aren’t things supposed to work?

  42. My mother in laws 32″ Flat Screen Insignia just stopped working.It won’t power on anymore.No warranty left and Future Shop says they can’t do a thing about it.TV is about a year and a half old.Called 3 different repair places and they won’t even take it in because they say it is too much trouble to get parts…Anyway something should be done!Anyone know if the problem is a fuse of power board ,etc…Thanks.

  43. Well, not to sound redundant, by my 42 inch LCD Insignia TV went out today. On Monday, it began with alternately going to a “snowy” screen and then back. I thought it was my DVD player as I was watching a movie at the time but, no, the TV itself was doing it today. So, it got progressively worse and the screen starting turning pink, green, etc. I did purchase the 4 year warranty from Best Buy so we called them and they said to bring it in. Took it in, and was told to take it back home b/c for tvs 42 inch or larger, they send someone to your house to fix it. Took it back home but I refuse to wait several weeks, between repair appointment, probably having to order parts, waiting on ordered parts, and then repair appointment to fix tv, to have my TV…ESPECIALLY DURING FOOTBALL SEASON! So, I sent an email to Best Buy inquiring about a loaner tv. I’ll let y’all know what they say!

  44. I also have the 42 inch plasma tv and it too won’t turn on,,,it all started with it going snowy, and now it only has sound.

  45. Well I should have taken a friend’s advice but did not & bought one anyway. Our Insignia (NS_LCD26A) failed after two years exactly being used maybe an hour or two a day. It’s a funny thing, our old Zenith which is now 15 years old is back in the entertainment center once again.

  46. Well I guess I can join the crowd. My Insignia will not turn on . I was able to turn it on and off several times an finally get it to connect. That was then now it won’t turn on at all. It will be 3yr old in Dec 2009. I suppose I should be happy to have gotten this far with it.

  47. I have the same 32″ Inasignia, won’t power on, have the 4 year extended warranty, its been with an independent TV Repair Shop for 2 weeks, the repairman says it needs a new power board, he has the board but he never got the approval from Best Buy to install it.
    I don’t understand why Consumer Reports Magazine rates the Insignia LCD TV as one of their most reliable brands?
    In their Dec. 09 issue, (page 25) They claim the most reliable brands in LCD is Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony, and they write ” Insignia LCD TVs have had consistently respectable scores”

  48. Best buy has now also lost me as a customer. My 42 inch just went out a little over a month ago….after less than a year of use. I stumbled upon this website while looking for a way to fix the damn thing myself after hearing that it will cost around $300-$400 dollars to fix it if I use them. They are overpriced anyway and I am done.

  49. My 42″ insignia just went out, blue light but no picture no sound. Was watching the georgia/georgia tech game, boom, right after kickoff

    I am guessing Best Buy will not handle this like I’d like them to

  50. I turned on my 37″Plasma(INSIGNIA) this morning before going to work and it suddenly turned off by itself…I disconnected it and no picture came, only sound, after that it turned off again and never turned back on! I’ve had it for a little less than 2 years and cost at Best Buy around $950.00..WHAT A RIPP OFF! we should all unite and send a request to have our money back from Insignia!

  51. Same story…my 42″ insignia won’t stay on. It turns off by itself with a “popping” sound which infuriates me when I hear it. Bought it in June 2008 and liked it a lot until this happened. I keep (kept) it on pretty much 24/7 and never had a problem until this. I was told the new TV’s are made to stay on 24/7 and will not affect it in any way. What BS! What a week…lost my job and now this. Geek Squad is scheduled to come out on Wed 12/23. After reading other comments, I’m not expecting much. I’m a TV person…I want to watch football, I sleep with it on, I cannot live without my TV!!!! 🙁

  52. Well don’t feel too bad. My insignia sucked since day one, I bought the NS-L42X-10A and on my first day the damn screen is black no video at all only audio. Damn those effing manufacturers., anyhow I’m returning this tv and exchanging it for a Sony.

  53. we have a NS-PDP50HD-09 that has same problems, we replaced 2 compasitors and worked for 5 days and now doing the same thing again. Does anyone know how many unhappy customers it takes to start a class action lawsuit? i believe this would be in our best interest and give best buy a black eye

  54. ns-32lcd easy fix for no power up…… buy a power board at bestbuyparts….. remove back of tv… just a bunch of screws…. replace board and you’ll be in business…. fixed mine for $40… good luck!

  55. Same issue here on my 27….After reading all the posts…I took the back off and discovered that the fuse holder is made of some really flimsy metal. Fuse was not making good contact with the circuit board. Took out the fuse pinched the holders together a bit and reseated the fuse. Worked like a charm! Be careful…you can do some damage if you touch anything. Resist the urge to use the vacuum to clean out the dust. Blow it out with canned air if you like but no vacuum. Good luck!! Oh..mine was well out of warranty..I wouldn’t have worked on it if it was still under warranty.

  56. I’m so upset with this product! I bought it less than a week ago, hooked it up (I even read the directions!) and it doesn’t work. I’ll turn it on and I get full audio but a picture doesn’t appear unless my hand is touching the back of the monitor in one particular spot. I hope I can return it! ANy advice on why this is happening though (before i go through the trouble of returning it)?

  57. I had same problem with my Insignia 32inch LCD, when turned on the red light turn to blue and the screen just remained black. Power Supply was the problem, well 3 filter condenser caps. All 3 are the same in value 1000mf 35 volts, replaced with 3 1000mf 50v and problem is fixed. Cost of repair was less than 9 bucks.

  58. My husband & I bought our Insignia NS 32″LCD a couple years ago and everything worked fine until 2 days ago. I turned the TV off to go to bed & turned it on in the morning and there was a perfect picture but no sound!!! Anybody have any solutions??? Everything is connected fine – and here’s the weirdest part – sound works for the Playstaytion – but not on the TV Input mode!I have to check on the warranty (not sure if I bought extended – hope so from the feedback I’ve read!) PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks!

  59. 2 years and one month into Insignia ownership and our 37″ LCD is out. Appears to be a common problem. The power light comes on for 5 seconds and off for 5 seconds. Called geek squad and they told me to call the Insignia number on the manual. So I did and guess what? It is the Geek Squad. I asked what the database says about the top recorded root causes of failure for this symptom. He said they don’t track that kind of thing. Really – a manuacturing that doesn’t keep track of failures for continuous improvement? I guess they don’t want to fix the problems. I wonder what the cost is for the lost customers relative to thier crappy junk TV profits? I’ll never buy Best Buy again!

  60. Boy do I wish I had read all these comments before purchasing my 27″ Insignia t.v.which was supposed to be such a great buy. Same old story; no sound, no picture after exactly 1 year. Best Buy wouldn’t honor my warranty because I was just days over the time. Watch for Best Buy to go out of business for burning so many customers. They won’t be getting any more of my money.

  61. Well, my Insignia ns 32lcd went off while I was watching it last week. The blue light would come on but nothing else would. After reading the forums I ordered a power board from best buy parts around $46 with shipping and tax. Plugged it where the old one was and it works.. How long? I don’t know. This size set in toshiba I have seen advertised for $300 new. Half of what I paid three years ago.

  62. Don’t buy Insignia® – 32″ LCD Tv from Best Buy!! Cause the Insignia is CRAP! I spent over $500.00 for My Tv April of 2008 It been just over a year and the Tv took a shit!
    So I call up to see what I could get done about thsi, I did not get the extra warrnty on the Tv ok Thats my fault. So I ask how much to get the Tv fixed. well Best Buys ((Geeks)) Tell me its Just $150.00 for them come out and look at it!!! Not count labor and parts… OMFG!!!! so I take few sec to calm down and I ask ok how much if i bring the Tv in to the shop. They say we don’t allow 32″ and up to be brought in to be fixed…are you fucking kidding me !!! What fucking kinda of service is this Shit!! First off they have Insignia made just for Best Buy its there little personal brand. If this how they want to bend over there clients and rim them up the ass!! I for one will no longer shop at Best buy and I would advice everyone to think twice about it. what did it for me was when the refused to allow me to bring the Tv in to save some money on a service call and make it worth fixing a tv thats less then year ½ old. I might of done it, Then again what the hell I can recall when a Tv would last 3 years even 10 years before have any trouble. This Tv gave no warring it just lost picture and you could still hear sound. Try everything and then sound went out!! I give Best Buy the Two fingers and there Insigina peice of shit!!

  63. I have the same problem!2 year old tv and it went out. Why should I have to buy the extended warranty, they should make the manufacture warranty it for at least 3 yrs.I paid $900.00 for a tv that lasted 2 yrs.Thats crap. Thats why they sell you the extended warranty because they know its gonna go out and they can make more money.Nothing you buy last its all junk, then they way over charge you for a $15.00 part

  64. The remote stopped working for my 2 1/2 year old 26″ LCD TV/DVD combo. I bought it for over $700 in October of 2007. The DVD died over a year ago so I plugged in my old 8 year old APEX. Now the t.v. is on and I cannot turn it off, control the volume with the remote or the manual buttons on the side of the set. After reading all these posts, I am afraid to unplug it because I’m afraid I won’t be able to turn it back on. I wonder if the thing will overheat if I leave it on.
    The satellite works fine. I can watch t.v. and see my shows on my DVR but I cannot control the volume and I cannot watch DVD’s. >:(

  65. I just cut the power to the t.v. and when it turned back on, it was working again. Worth the risk! I said a prayer too. 🙂

  66. Just went through the same thing! INSIGNIA, BEST BUY, BULL CRAP! TV just turned off and now screen is part black. Geek Squad refused to help me because I didn’t buy the extended warranty…. What an FN ripoff. and to boot this tv was a replacement for another insignia piece of crap.

  67. My moms computer turns on and works fine but will turn itself off 5 or 6 times before it will stay on. Any suggestions?

  68. I have the NS-LCD32 and today the picture keeps going out and then comes back on in about 20 seconds and on and on.
    This TV is a piece of SHIT..DO NOT BUY ONE!
    I have only had this TV for a little over 2 years and it cost me over 600.00..I think a 600.00 TV should last at least 15 years!

  69. I bought this tv in dec 08, it has worked just fine, I ever used the dvd, however lately I’ve been using it and today this tv/dvd combo is not loading the dvds…anybody out there had the same problem?

  70. I hate my insignia television! NS_LCD32!! piece of shit! I can say one thing, it was the best television that i have owned until it broke. I was extremely happy, but that all came to a screeching halt! i hate best buy anyway, bring back circuit city

  71. I cant believe so many people have the same problem as me. After one year and ten days the picture went out on my 32″ insignia lcd.I am so pissed i cant stand it. I urge everyone to contact the better buisness bureau.

  72. There should be a class action suit against BestBuy for selling these TV that are DEFECTIVE!

  73. Same issues with insignia LCD tv.
    I have the 42” Picture started dropping of for a few seconds at a time.
    A little frustrating. NOw the intervals without picture are up to 15 secs every 2-3 mins.
    Now I’m pissed.
    Strangely the sound is not effected.
    Figured out a work around 🙂
    It turns out that it’s only the HDMI inputs that are affected.
    We were using an xbox into the component inputs and noticed that they never went out.
    So rewired the cable box from HDMI input to the second component input.
    No picture drop off to date 🙂
    Not the ideal solution, but we have a usable tv for a few more years I hope ..

  74. I too have a problem with my insignia, I have the 32 inch tv and it recently started turning off after a few minutes of operation, sometime it comes back on and sometimes it doesn’t for a long time. I have 5 tv’s in my house, the insgnia is the newest one but it is the biggest piece of s–t in my house. I have a 25 year old Montgomery ward tv that still works better than the insignia

  75. I have the same issue with my 2 year old Insignia 32 inch. Why don’t we all just bring our tvs in to all the best buys preferably the same day. And let them handle the disposal of each one! And never purchase anything from them again.

  76. I purchased a 32 in insignia plasma tv in dec of 08 for my daughters christmas present. The piece of crap stopped working due to the famous power supply issue. I also purchased a 32 in for my sons last x- mas and will try to return this piece of junk asap. Are the powerboards universal betweeen plasma and lcd. If so i will fix my daughters and return the boys for a refund.I will never shop Best Buy again. I remember the commercial playing over and over in best buy about how great the Insignia brand is.We need to all get together and file a class action suit and stop Best Buy from selling this junk!!!

  77. WOW! I hope there is a class action lawsuit against them for these pieces of crap flat screens. I also have the same problems, does not turn on after a year and told it will cost so much money to have someone look at it because it is past the 1 year warranty.

  78. I had been having problems with the audio not coming on in my 32 inch Insignia HD LCD television for the past couple of days; you had to wait or wrangle around with the sound control on the side of the set or on the remote, then finally it would come on. Well, today I turned it on and there was no sound, and a picture came on briefly then disappeared, with the green power light on front of set staying on. I tried turning it on a few more times, and same thing. So I called Best Buy, and I think they said I still had warranty left on set and set up a repair session with some local shop that handles their work. I bought the set in May 2007 and up until now, honestly, I was very pleased with the performance. After reading all of these comments, I would not buy another one. I don’t know if my set can be fixed, and if it costs a lot I cannot handle it, for I am un-employed. I will just try to find a very cheap used set that works.
    There ought to be a recall for all of these sets, for most of us bought them at about the same time. Sorry you all have the same problem, but I feel better knowing I am not alone.

  79. i broke my insignia 42inch tv screen and i was wondering if anyone who lives in massachusetts and trying to get rid of their broken tv could let me know so that i would use their screen.

  80. For those who have fixed their NS-32LCD with a power board from best buy parts, there are 2 parts listed. A BOARD POWER $42.95 or POWER SUPPLY UNIT $39.95. Which part do I need to buy? I’m handy enough, and this sounds like a very simple repair. Also, to the couple that have fixed theirs this way, has it continued to work? thanks

  81. Seems my 42 inch Insignia is going blue on people faces. A blue shadow is appearing on surfaces that are orange or pink or brown. What’s up with that? My TV is less than a year old.

  82. I have a Insignia DVD/TV combo 19″ LCD, whe i turn it on it will stay on for a while then it goes to DVD and I have to get up and push the button, being the remote control is broken also and bought a universal which does not work with these tv’s..does anybody know why it playes for 10-15 min then goes to DVD…I think this TV is crap, and the company will not give me the time of day and neither the company it was purchased from….tv only 2 yrs old…piece of chit!!

  83. I wish everyone in this forum would file a Class Action suit against Insignia TV (Best Buy) – My three year old Insignia TV -puchased for $700 (a lot of money to me) has the beautiful black screen for video (but my audio is ok)

    Several posts already stated….turn it off…it takes several days to turn on again (I stopped turning it off – but there was a storm a few days ago -a temporary power outtage turned the TV off)

    This is Day two (2) of trying to turn it on again… It will go into the Garbage Shortly… >:(

  84. I guess I’m not the only one.

    My 32 inch Insignia LCD suddenly turned itself off and it won’t turn back on again, so I guesss it’s done in for.

    Sounds like a poor company.

  85. Ditto!!! I’ll tell yah, this is a truly damaging experience with Best Buy, who owns Insignia and neither will accept responsibility. TV: IS LCDTV32 went out 7 mos after 4 year warranty ended and we didn’t even use it for the 1st year. I’ll never buy an Insignia again in any form and will now pursue a CA suit. this is ridiculous, particularly under today’s economic demise.

  86. I have the ns-27lcd and have the same as all of you. After tinkering with it I have found that it is a copper coiled part on the power supply board. I have replaced this part 3 times now and it keeps tearing the same damn part up. You would figure they would have a replacement part for this fault in the power supply.

  87. had the same problem as everyone on this site. bought a 32in insignia tv 7-10-10 its not two months old. tried to turn it on last night nothing happens { this is how i found this site )so as all of you i call best buy and they give me the run around. if you look on your receit on the back is a phone number. call the number and have them connect you to insignia rep they will take care of you. they had me take the tv to best buy call rep from my phone right there.dont need exstended warranty these tvs have a two warranty all ready. i got a new tv right then and there. hope this help someone. { yes best buy is full of s**t}

  88. my volume increases. decreases on it’s own. Also the menu window pops up on it’s own. TV turns on/off by itself. I will never buy this Insignia brand again. Seriously, it should be ILLEGAL to even carry this brand with all these known problems.

  89. I purchases a Insignia NS-32LCD 2 years and 7 months ago from Best Buy and now I also have the same problem as many many others. No Picture but sound is OK What a Piece of Shit. I agree a class action would be a wonderfull thing against Best Buy. They have lost a customer forever.

  90. I went through two Insignia TV’s. The first one burnt out after a couple of months and we had to take it in. The second one they gave us went out after 13 months and by then the warranty was already shot. I’ve dropped it off at Best Buy and they said it’s the mother board (like the first one). It will cost over 500 to get it fixed. I’m thinking of putting it in the back of my car and driving it around with a piece of paper stuck to it saying insignia sucks (I have a station wagon).


  92. … I’m more to the list of upset customers. How can we all get together and raise one big complaint and get our money back? … I’m REALLY UPSET!!!! >:(

  93. One more. Only 30 days after i bought! I have a samsung for over 4 years and nothing has ever happened. This is a very low quality product. BEST BUY wake up and make a recall!!!!!!!!

  94. When’s the lawsuit??? I cannot believe I spent nearly a thousand bucks on this Insignia POS! It won’t stay on for anything!

  95. ditto bought an Insignia TV in Sept 2009 and after a year it does not work says “comnponent – no signal”. What a terrible experience – never again BEST BUY

  96. wow – pleasantly surprised – just came back from my local best buy (in santa cruz) – they took back my defective unit and gave me a replacement (good thing I had the payed for the geek plan – it actually worked). I am not writing off this store as quickly as I thought. Much better experience than I had thought I would have.

  97. Looks like I am now joining the ranks of the dissatisfied customers. I have a ns-pdp50hd and just this morning at the two year mark it won’t turn on.

    Is anyone taking the reins on a lawsuit?

  98. Have had my 47 inch insignia tv for 11 months .Thanks giving tomorrrow and tv has no picture try everything.They said it would be a week or more for someone to come out .No football for us.Happy Thanks -giving!!!!!! or the soung still on >I”m pissed

  99. 11/29/10 i had my insignia32in for just under 2yrs picture is good but the buzzing on the sound just won’tstop also can’t get parts to fix it.

  100. Here is another one. I have the 50 in plasma just over a year old. Won’t turn on at all. I am very bummed as this TV was $1050. I used to buy all of my products at Best Buy, but not anymore.

  101. has anyone figured out the problem other than it seems to be a defective brand? my son’s tv keeps losing picture after 60 seconds but you can hear the sound still. not cool and any input is appreciated

  102. Okay, here’s another one. 2 years old on Black Friday. ON/OFF button on the TV broken. Loops automatically, turning itself on and off. Great TV while it lasted which wasn’t long. DO I HEAR RIP-OFF?


  104. We are on unit #2 in 2 days. Both units (32″ TV/Blue Ray Combo) have the same problem – DVD/Blue Ray player will not work. Ejects DVD after making horrible grinding noises. Everything else worked fine – very disappointed. We have learned our lesson about buying unknown brands.

  105. Same problems as all others posted. I purchased about 2 years ago the 19 tv/dvd combo. Started having problems 8 months into it. I would have to wait 10 minutes for it to warm up before getting a picture. I didn’t think anything of it because when I called, they stated that sometimes this happens and just needs to warm up. The problem did resolve itself shortly.
    But now I have sound and no picture, just a yellow and red line.
    I will be writing the BBB today. This is unaccceptable that they allow a store to sell a product that they know will break in an unreaonable amount of time. And Best Buy should refund all the money to their consumers! Shame on you! ( Hey, maybe I will call that show to!)

  106. Oh boy.
    Our Insignia was a gift from our son. We have had it for two years…still working (knock on wood). However, it started having this line go through the middle of it (not always but often enough). My biggest complaint is the sound. It does not shut off when you turn speaker off via tv settings, you can barely hear it and if you play a DVD – forget it. Grab the tylenol b/c you will have a migraine by the time you are finished with the movie and you will not even know what happened b/c you cannot hear it.

    Sound works great with the WII – no complaints there.

    Tried hooking up computer speakers which made the sound more clear but is not very loud. Am afraid to try a sound system – have serious concerns about that after reading the other replies here.


  107. Got sound no picture…Guess it’s done…I was told 1 year on the warranty….Can’t do any thing for me…$600 for 18 months of TV..And I thought cable was costly…some one needs to sue this company. products are bad and they will never suck me in to buy another one

  108. when i turn the tv on it has o picture but the sound is good..tried turning it on and off.. it doesn’t takes a long time to come on(it doesn’t come on at all but the audio is still working

  109. I purchased an insignia not even two years ago. And low and behold, I turned the tv on the other day and had a wide lime green line in the middle of the tv and there was also a wave going. Prior to that happening, I noticed a colorful boarder on the top of the screen. I can’t beleive that a tv that you spend your hard earned money on, is broke and you can’t watch it any more, after not even two years. The TV I replace with this one is over 10 years old, and is still working. I haven’t gone back to Best Buy yet, but going to do that this weekend. To see what they have to say.

  110. Was given a Insignia TV for Christimas a few years ago and without warning it just quit working. Cannot turn on by remote on with push button on TV. Has anyone figured out why or tried to have it looked at. I really liked this TV and believe it or not, I still have it hoping to figure out a way to make it work. Any ideas???? Oh…it was bought at Wal Mart (pretty sure anyway). Thanks

  111. We have this same model TV (NS-PDP50HD-09) & about 3 weeks ago, it started turning itself off randomly. A day later & it would no longer turn on. If you tried to turn it on, it would make a bunch of clicking noises & turn off but the LED on the front would stay blue. Then it wouldn’t do anything until you unplugged it & plugged it back in.
    Anyway, Best Buy wouldn’t fix it (ask me if we’ll be shopping there again… ever!) as we are out of their service area, Insignia wouldn’t touch it because at 2 years old, it’s out of warranty, and our local TV guy wanted $500 to try & fix it. So we took the back off it & fixed it ourselves. It was relatively easy once we figured out the problem (which took about a week & a half LOL)
    This is our TV’s power supply board, with the problem circled in red (in the center, near the top)…
    It’s a capacitor & they’re not supposed to be bulgy like that. I ordered a replacement from for $1.38 & my hubby switched them out on the circuit board (that’s probably the trickest part) & it’s been working perfectly ever since. 😀

  112. Their products are made the cheapest way possible – absolute crap DO NOT BUY

    Better to just throw your money out the window save you the frustration

  113. no compren insignia son una basura mi tv 32 se apago y ya no enciende y dicen que no pueden hacer nada y solo tiene 12 meses

  114. Dont buy the 46 inch either. We unplugged it to move furniture, plugged it back in and it hasnt worked since. The red light comes on, but the blue (working) one doesnt.

  115. We got an Insignia 40″ Plasma for Christmas just 4 months ago and so far we haven’t noticed any huge problems. We really don’t use it much but in the last few days I’ve noticed that the contrast is doing something funky- it kind of flickers in and out from normal contrast to dark. I know this is not normal, but I’m wondering if anyone has had this issue before and if it’s foreshadowing a bigger problem. I’m going to contact Best Buy anyway, but I figure I should go in armed. Anyone got anything they can tell me about this?

  116. I bought my 47″ insignia lcd about 2 years ago and now the sound isnt working its like someone is constantly pressing volume down on it. So now i cant change the channel or the input…I will never buy 1 of there products ever again

  117. I Have a 50inch Insignia plasma television and everytime I try turning it on it makes a clicking sound and flashes that snow stuff for maybe about a half second and turns off and the standby light blinks 5 times in red. I forget what color it normally is but it does not normally blink. I think it has a 2 year warranty….the date on the back of the tv is just about 2 years old in about another week, but it was bought about one year ago but I do not have a receipt for it being it was a gift to my son less than a year ago and he gave it to me before moving over seas. I am not sure what to do but I know it costs alot new, i am not sure how much, but i know for sure it was over 1000 dollars, i think closer to 1500 or more….any suggestions what i should do or do you think it is worth repairing being all the problems i seem to be reading about these? it sucks because i just gave my 32″ led tv away when this way given to me thinking i had bigger and better…please any suggestions about fixing it or whatever will be very appreciated, thank you very much in advance.

  118. Purchased at Best Buy bought extended warranty two weeks after the four year warranty the sound went! What a bad brand!

  119. Purchased a four year warranty two weeks after the warranty expires so does the sound on the TV. Won’t buy this brand ever again!

  120. I brought a 42 in insignia after 4 months it want come. On this is. Bullshi I have 3 kids and no money to waste!!!!!

  121. Bought.a 42 in insignia stopped working after 3 months this is bullshit. I have 3 kids and no money to waste! !!!

  122. I of course got sucked into buying one of Best Buys 32″ Insignia LCD TV’s for the guest bedroom. I would say that it lasted almost two years but that would be irresponsible of me. It was turned on maybe only 40 times in the first 20 months. We moved it into our bedroom and used it as my primary bedroom TV (turning it on for a couple hours at night). That lasted only about 3 months because the picture died on it. Sound still works but no picture. Best Buy is a terrible unethical company, and to push a product they know doesn’t work, is shameful. Unfortunately they are still in business. They are the Wal-Mart of electronics, lots of variety of cheap products.

  123. We purchased a 42″ Insignia 2 1/2 years ago, we didn’t buy the extended warranty because TV’s are suppose to last more than 2 1/2 years. When we turn it on half the picture is black, it took a while for it to be clean, now when we turn it on it doesn’t clear at all it has lines running thru it and we can’t see anything on it. How many people are will to do a class action law suit?

  124. had for over 2 years and then shadows started creeping from corner then almost 1/3 of screen,had no choice but to deal with it. but just a few days ago the same thing everyone else says it wont turn on,makes popping/clicking noise and off and on and off but will not stay on.Biggest ripoff ever.There should be a lawsuit!

  125. I bought an Insignia 3 years ago. I heard a crack sound and my TV just shut off with no warning. It worked great and all of a sudden the picture isn’t there. This is BS. I think there should a law suit for sure. Somebody needs to do something about this.

  126. What everyone should do is small claims. That is what I did when they wouldn’t fix mine. I will let everyone know how it comes out. Just think if everyone filed a small claims on them maybe they will change the policy. (right)

  127. Just got mine for Xmas this past Dec (2010)…’s already started doing some weird stuff. It’ll be on a channel and then start skipping like a stuck CD, then TV cuts off all by itself. Sometimes it wont turn back on. Other times, I’ll try to turn the channel and the channel box display will stay on say 12 while I’m changing to other channels. Lastnight was the worse I’ve ever seen. It would just keep skipping; shut off. When I tried to turn back on, it would just keep doing it over and over and over. Calling Best Buy today….I do have some 2 year warranty on it….we’ll see what happens. Surprised how many websites/blogs are out there that are dissatisifed with Insignia! Not a good feeling! Especially when this is my first flat screen. My parents got it for me to replace the FLOOR MODEL I was still watching! LOL!

  128. Where’s the law suit??? All of us have exact same problems. Best buy stealing our money at tine we purchase tv, then when we pay high dollar to thier geek squad just to look at problem and then tack on more charges to repair it. Where’s the justice???, can anyone give me some direction? Thank you, Amy hiatt

  129. I went up to best buy and bought a 24″ inch flat screen lcd tv and came home, plugged it in and the picture works. The bad thing is that the sound skips… I cannot understand most of the channels which is really frustrating. I brought it back and got the same one which was a big mistake because it’s doing the same exact thing. I recommend to never goto best buy to buy a tv, especially Insignia and we do need to file a complaint or something because this is not right!!

  130. Maybe all that bought this lousy product, like myself should just drop it off in the front of best buy during Christmas rush.

  131. What I did was take Best Buy to small claims. They had to pay me the cost of the TV plus the service fee for them to come out and tell us that it would cost over $1,000.00 to fix. At least with Small Claims you don’t have to split the settlement.

  132. this is the worth tv. i ever had ,, i have been waitting 5 days ,, and the light still blue but it`s all black … first it use to take around 15n min`s to turn on .

  133. i bought my insignia tv couple months ago. no problems yet with it but i will tell you now that id never buy one again. the screen looks to be warping in the top corners bec i saw like black shadow looking deal. i have to say next tv will be well known brand like sony. damn shouldve done more researching :/ lesson learned

  134. I bought an Insignia 47″ LCD and purchased the extended warranty trough Best BUy.
    They lied to me and when I started having problems with it (it kept shocking me, not turn on/off sound and video quality deriorated fast), they never returned my calls.
    I know they recalled the 26″ because of similar problems, does someone have to get hurt before they change their business practices?
    I will sue, if anyone else wants to in California let’s do it and teach them a lesson.


  135. Damn…… Best Buy has tricked us all, You would have thought Best Buy product would be the best or at least compete with the name brand products out there, but this ins’t the case here. My TV just recently began to shut off on it’s own and currently more frequently. So immediately i rush to the blogs to see any reviews, boy o boy I had no clue so many people were having issue with insignia. I feel like the MTV show PUNKED…I feel Best Buy Punked me into buying their brand with the sales pitch they teach their worker’s, o yeah insignia is great and by the way it’s a best buy product which means best buy back their product 100%, It’s a great quality TV people purchase insignia over thee other brands all the time. YEAH I was in for a treat, I actually thought I got my money’s worth. Best Buy has started a movement I encourage everyone to file a complant with Best Buy, we the consumer deserve the right to be told the truth about things we purchase, not a lie to get our hard earn money. POWER TO THE CONSUMER……….

  136. I bought mine three years ago and now it started giving me a half black and half working screen and then works after 20 minutes or an hour. Sent it in for repair and Insignia says screen is bad and too expensive….buy another one! What a piece of shhhhhh.

  137. I bought this tv about 4 years ago but the problem started 2 years ago. I called Best Buy right away and they told me it’s out if warranty so there’s nothing that can be done. I out the tv on and sometimes it shuts right off. Then when it decides to turnI’ll be watching it and the screen splits with snowy red green and yellow lines going through with a blue or red halo around the subject. It’s so frustrating..

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