Insignia IS-HTIB102732 DVD Home Theatre

The first thing that caught my mind about the Insignia IS-HTIB102732 was the price!  The Insignia IS-HTIB102732 is a 5 disc DVD/CD/MP3 Player with 7 speakers pumping up to 1000W into your room.  It also includes the ability to insert an SD/MMC directly into the player to play WMAs, MP3s, and even display JPEG Photos.  Lastly, for those of us who listen to the radio, included is an FM/AM Tuner!   You will other Home Theatre Systems without the features for a higher price!

But, perhaps the quality or performance is low?  Perhaps one should choose a better brand?  NO!  This device plays beautifully, with stunning sound.  Watch a bond film come to LIFE!  Real surround sound makes you feel like you are there, if it is a concert or movie.  Not only, but you are in control of the sound including which speakers play, the volume and distance!

If you ever have a wonder or a question, Customer Support is just a phone call away!  Only Certain DVD’s are encoded to have Back Surround, which I was unaware, but the friendly people at Insignia were courteous and helpful!

Overall I am very Impressed!  As usual the system shipped region locked, but do no be dismayed!  Use the following tip to make your system Region Free!  Remember I hold no responsibility for you breaking your system, and these steps my void your warranty.

With no disk in player, use remote and press 16719.
“Region Code 1 Change Region Code” will appear on the screen.
Press 0 on remote.
“Region Code Change OK Region Code “all” will appear on the screen.
Press exit, Done!

Update:  Though the sound is perfect, and the system still works (unlike my Insignia LCD TV) it does not play DVDs well and is prone to skipping even with a brand new DVD.  I currently use my XBOX to play my DVDs, and the sound is still good.  Please read below for the initial review.

Verdict:  Do not buy the Insignia Brand.

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  1. I’ve had this model for a year now, without buying a warranty, which was a HUGE mistake! I’ve kept my Insgnia IS-HTIB102732 in great condition, but for some reason it won’t turn on at all anymore. At first, the problems occured when the “Error” code came up on the tiny display screen while watching a movie, then I wasn’t able to play any dvd on my player, only use the audio speakers with my game consols…And now my player won’t even turn on. I would try to return it to Best Buy, but I didn’t buy a warranty, & i’ve heard that it would be about the same price to repair this than to buy a new one…I’m completely done with Insignia, they have pretty cheap prices compared to many of the top brands, but that’s only because they sell cheap “Mickey Mouse” items.

  2. After looking up the problem I had with this device, I noticed many people also had the same problem. It did not say “Error”, it sayd “MSG-0”

  3. ive had mine for about two years now my av2 slot dosent work at all. Alli get is static and a clicking sound over all my speackers. I recently moved and not my av1 slot only plays sound over the right speaker and the subwoofer. But when i use it to play dvds all the speakers work. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  4. Hey tb, did you change anything in the setup? I had that problem but later realized I had it set up wrong. I have had this set for over 2 years now (I think) and I haven’t had any problems yet. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. But my issue with this unit is the subwoofer. It is terrible!! Sometimes I can’t even tell if it is on. Other than that everything works flawless. It plays formats that many standalone dvd players can’t play.

  5. i cant find speaker wall mounts for my insignia IS-HTIB102732!!!!!! do they even have mounts for this product! someone please help 🙁

  6. I had the same issues with the Msg 0 code. I’m now looking for a few of the speakers to replace mine. Let me know if anyone wants to sell some.

  7. BUT HOW do you fix the MSG 0 ??? I can’t even d anything it just turns on says Hello, DVD, MSG 0 , and GOODBYE… I can’t seem to stop it???

  8. I took it apart and played with the rotator, did not help.. I kind of gavn up on it. 6 months later I plugged it and played good for a hour.
    Then went back to MSG 0.
    5 disc dvd IS-HT1B102732 Insignia

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