LiteOn DVD Recorder LVW-1101HC1

Welcome to the Digital Age, with a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) you can record your VHS over to DVD or legally record TV and other unprotected video.  The LiteOn DVR makes it easy to directly burn any video over to a blank DVD+R/RW discs.  Just push the record button or use the Easy Guider button to guide you exactly what to do.  You can schedule a recording just as easily!  Included is a DV Link for Digital Camcorders!

iPaq rx1955 PocketPC

The HP rx1955 & rx1950 Pocket PC allows you to take your work with you, and be truly mobile.  Inside is a Samsung 300Mhz processor and 24 MB RAM and 35MB Storage Memory.  WiFi is also installed, allowing you to connect to the internet anywhere there is WiFi Coverage.

ADS Tech PTV-305 Instant TV Deluxe

The ADS Tech PTV-305 allows you to watch TV on your computer, whether it be antenna, cable, digital cable, or satellite.  It had 2 possible hooks up: Coxial lets you attach it to an antenna or standard cable.  The AV/S-Video hook up lets you attach it to any device the supports AV or S-Video output.


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