Nokia Lumia 710 Review

The Nokia Lumia 710 is part of the Nokia Lumia line-up of phones introduced in November of last year.  But does it have what it takes?  startBlue examines if the Lumia 710 is right for you.

Zune HD brings new experiences

Microsoft’s new touch screen portable media player is the new kid on the block of the ever popular touch screen based PMPs.  But what makes the Zune HD stand out and what are its shortcomings?  Check out this thorough startBlue review.

My iPhone Experience

The iPhone came out in 2007 amidst a lot of hype.  I asked back then if the iPhone was revolutionary.  It certainly had its failures in key aspects as noted in my article, but Apple has improved upon the original and is now on its 3rd iPhone and 3rd version of the iPhone software.  So I picked up an original iPhone with version 3.0 software to review.   Here is my experience.

MacBook 2.0 Ghz review

The 2.0 Unibody Macbook is equipped with a 2.0 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 2GB of RAM.   It also has a 160GB HDD and 13" LED backlit screen. It lacks the backlit keyboard that its faster 2.4 Ghz cousin has.


The TyTN II (AT&T Tilt) is a Windows Mobile based smartphone from HTC.  It is impressively equipped and features stunning features.  It competes directly against other Windows Mobile smartphones, Symbian devices such as the Nokia N95, and devices such as the Apple iPhone.  However, for those who want a wide variety of features it is arguably the best phone available.

Insignia IS-HTIB102732 DVD Home Theatre

The first thing that caught my mind about the Insignia IS-HTIB102732 was the price!  The Insignia IS-HTIB102732 is a 5 disc DVD/CD/MP3 Player with 7 speakers pumping up to 1000W into your room.  It also includes the ability to insert an SD/MMC directly into the player to play WMAs, MP3s, and even display JPEG Photos.  Lastly, for those of us who listen to the radio, included is an FM/AM Tuner!   You will other Home Theatre Systems without the features for a higher price!

Insignia IS-LCDTV32 LCD TV

The Insignia IS-LCDTV32 is a Liquid Crystal Display TV that is HD Ready with an high WXGA Resolution.  At the lower end of the price scale, I found this totally black television to be stylish.  In store comparisons on picture quality promoted me to purchase this TV.  I had previously owned another LCD TV, that worked well except it was not High Definition (HD) nor did it handle dark scenes well.  This was very important to me, as well as the price.

LiteOn DVD Recorder LVW-1101HC1

Welcome to the Digital Age, with a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) you can record your VHS over to DVD or legally record TV and other unprotected video.  The LiteOn DVR makes it easy to directly burn any video over to a blank DVD+R/RW discs.  Just push the record button or use the Easy Guider button to guide you exactly what to do.  You can schedule a recording just as easily!  Included is a DV Link for Digital Camcorders!

iPaq rx1955 PocketPC

The HP rx1955 & rx1950 Pocket PC allows you to take your work with you, and be truly mobile.  Inside is a Samsung 300Mhz processor and 24 MB RAM and 35MB Storage Memory.  WiFi is also installed, allowing you to connect to the internet anywhere there is WiFi Coverage.