Windows Phone 7

A year ago Microsoft decided its Windows Mobile platform was not good enough; it decided to scratch the whole platform and start afresh to better compete in the smartphone market.  Sure Windows Mobile was a breakthrough product when it came out, but it relied on technologies of yesterday that in all honestly gave Microsoft no other option.

Microsoft helps evolve gaming!

Gaming is being evolved thanks to Microsoft's XNA Game Studio.  For the first time, amateur developers can create games and put them on a gaming console, Microsoft's Xbox 360.  Also announced is the future capability to bring such games to the Zune, a portable media player.

New Zune

The new Zunes proves Microsoft can do things right.  The original Zune™, a portable audio player, launched in November 2006 and had a 30GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD).  The new Zunes which arrive in November 2007 will include a 4GB and 8GB Flash Memory Model and a larger 80GB HDD Model.

Console Wars Heat Up!

The three consoles are still in it for the long run, but the Console Wars have just heated up!  The Microsoft Xbox 360 still in lead at around 12 million consoles sold worldwide!  Nintendo's Wii sits at around 9 million consoles and Sony's PlayStation3 at around 4 million consoles.  But now both Sony and Microsoft have change their lineup and prices in effort to draw more customers into the battle.

Revolutionary Phone?

I'm sure you must have heard about the iPhone by Apple.  Some of you might be interested in the phone that is said to change the telecoms industry.  But is the iPhone truely revolutionary or just plain hype?

Windows Vista More Secure

Windows Vista is more secure than other modern operating systems according to new research.  Security expert Jeff Jones released a report comparing the first six months of several recent operating systems.  What suprised me most was how well Windows XP also did compared to various flavours of Linux and Apple's OS X.

Driven to Extremes!

Has your technology failed you?  Have you attempted to get it fixed?  Perhaps you've run into poor customer service.  Maybe your product has been repaired only to fail again and again and again.  Will you be driven to extremes?

Console Wars

The war has started, and the machines have been released.  Who is the best equipped and who will win?  We are taking about game consoles, namely the PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360.  We look at the ups and down of each console in a comparison of every detail.

Windows Vista: From Start to Finish!

Windows Vista is Microsoft’s new operating system due to be released January 30th to consumers worldwide.  I had the opportunity be a part of the Longhorn/Vista Beta and saw the many changes step by step as this product grew to Windows Vista.  Look at this new exciting product from start to finish and let me explain what exactly Windows Vista means to you.  Understand the new “WOW” and what it means for you and your productivity.