Kinect Voice

So Microsoft has made a lot of noise about the Xbox One’s new Kinect, especially the improved voice commands.  Apparently it should even know which person in the room is talking to it.  But does it work?

Apple Is A Bully

Apple is a bully.  Yes that's rights.  Today, the Apple v Samsung case reached a jury verdict of just over 1 billion dollars in favor of Apple.  The main points were that Samsung had breached Apple's trade dress and patents concerning 'bounce back' and 'pinch to zoom.'


Microsoft stunned the world when it announced for the first time in its history it would manufacture its own personal computers.  But can the Surface family of tablets take on the iPad?  Can it give Windows 8 with Metro the edge?


Apple has been pushing out a new display technology.  First in the iPhone 4, then the current iPad and now in the new MacBook Pro.  Is Apple's new Macbook Pro with Retina all its set out to be?

Nokia Lumia

Nokia is the largest manufacture of phones in the world, selling over 450 million phones last year.  But the mobile phone market is changing and nothing is more evident of this then the new Nokia Lumia series of smartphones from Nokia.  Nokia was the number one smartphone maker in the world, and it was for several years.  But now its 3rd behind Samsung and Apple.  Enter Nokia Lumia.