Metro Is In

Windows 8 Developer Preview was sparse on applications, didn’t even have working Metro mail or calendars apps.  Windows 8 Consumer Preview has rectified that as well as adding the Windows Store.  The Windows Store will allow you to download apps for your Tablet or PC.  Currently there are only free apps but the framework for paid apps is certainly there.

The current apps are functional, surprisingly free of bugs but definitely can be expanded.  There is definitely a lot of work to be done ahead and always the worry with such a huge transition that features you are used to will get lost or delayed in the process.  Users saw that when Windows Mobile 6.5 led way to Windows Phone 7.  But the progress has started.

The progress is always amazing.  I have had the privilege of testing Windows betas for over 10 years.  Whistler which turned into XP, Longhorn which turned into Vista, and of course Windows 7.  Windows 8 is the biggest change, but at the same time the most promising and exciting.  I am as excited as I was when Windows Phone 7 was revealed.  The Metro UI revolution is here.

I can’t wait to get my Windows 8 tablet.  A tablet that works just as well on the go with touch as it does when I get home and might use a keyboard and mouse for more advanced tasks.  Windows 8 does even more with cloud sync so that if you have two PCs that everything stays in sync.  Change your profile picture on one; it automatically changes on the other.  And that is when you understand the beauty of one advanced unified UI.

Windows 8 should be out the end of 2012.

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  1. I wonder if the full experience of Windows 8 will be available on the ARM build. Like the 2 app multitask on screen. Yet 9 editions of Windows 8 will be released. One thing I do enjoy on OS X is the 1 edition with all features, rather Starter, Home or Professional editions of Windows. But Metro is looking great, its the way to unify the MS ecosystem, from windows phone 7 to Zune Store to Xbox 360 to Windows 8.

  2. Windows 8 ARM devices require 1368×768 Resolution so that they can support the 2 App mulittasking. Also Office in Desktop Mode support is confirmed, included for free on ARM versions.

    9 editions is rumoured but it lets people buy into cheaper versions with the features that suit them. Home users don’t need enterprise features.

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