Bigotry is not a Christian Value

The complete mess in Indiana about religious freedom had me thinking.  Why were conservative religious groups using their continued perceived defeats to push for using religion as a reason to discriminate?

You see they believe that they should have the right of conscience.  I shouldn’t be able to force them to break their beliefs.  But it doesn’t work that way.  Yes, America is a place where religious freedom exists and the Queen of England can’t force you to attend her church.  But freedom of worship is not license to say that your religion requires you to break the law.  So yes you can always write about how my marriage is wrong and I’ll defend that.  You can tell me and others you believe gay marriage is not healthy.  But you can’t refuse to serve me if you offer a public service.  That is un-American and un-Christian.

Yes I said un-Christian.  You see even Jesus broke bread with a hooker.  Jesus was not a bigot.  How is making me a pizza any different?  One shop owner tried to distinguish between gays coming in and eating a slice and gays taking a pizza to a gay wedding.  Nope.  No difference.  You didn’t pronounce anyone married.  You made pizza.  And honestly one could just go in order a pizza for take out and take it home or take it to a wedding ceremony.  What is it to that owner?

I’m sorry, they are a bigots and can’t hide behind their religion.

Jesus said to love your neighbour as yourself!  Would you want people to refuse you service?  Would you want to check in to a hotel only to be told we don’t serve Methodists here?  You can’t use your conscience to refuse service any more than I can justify to not serve Christians based on the hatred I have felt from Christians.  Sure in my conscience, I question their morals and ability to love.  But I know I must do the right thing and serve everyone with a smile.

And to conclude with the mess in Indiana, I am happy to say that it is now illegal in Indiana to use religion to refuse service to anyone on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity!

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