I always find it interesting that people are against big government.  Just the idea of big government is enough to create revolt in some people’s mind and is blamed for everything that is wrong with our countries.

And sure I believe in limiting government.  I like the idea of the US Constitution to limit the government.  I believe in rights for humans.  The right to prosper and pursue happiness.  But I also believe that big government can help create those conditions.

You see, in my mind, there is never a vacuum.  Some power will always occupy that space.  Some people whether they be business owners or off the grid think they are that power for themselves and resent the regulations of big government.

For most of us though, that power is thru a variety of sources and we understand that.  Sometime it’s our employers, or we are having a power struggle with a business that refused to live up to its promises.  You see life is about balances.  Big government balances out big business.  Even small business owners are kidding themselves if they believe less regulations will help them.

And sure there is the argument that you can choose which business.  It’s about free market and competition.  Except when it isn’t.  Like the wireless industry that due to spectrum concerns has limited players.  Or worse yet… internet providers.  In my area there is monopoly on fast broadband.  Monopolies and duopolies are natural.  Look at Windows Phone… no traction because most people prefer iPhones and thus the apps are made for what people prefer.  However, people can’t switch because their apps aren’t there.

That is why we need big government.  To create that balance.  We can’t always choose who we do business with, or the fallout.  We can vote in responsible people to help regulate our society to help create the environment that allows everyone to be prosper and pursue happiness.

So we can’t vote against big government and any politician that says you can is lying.  The question is do you want big government to work for you or for someone else.  When that is the question, going to vote is so much easier.  Look at your values.  Who is making sure that business is respecting the rules?  Who is promoting rights like gay rights?  Who is making healthcare better so that you can switch jobs easier?  Who is fairer?

Republicans are for giving more power and money to business.  The perfect example is net neutrality.  US Rep. Marsha Blackburn, a Republican from Tennessee, demonstrated that with her Internet Freedom Act. The Internet Freedom Act is pure spin and prevents the FCC from enforcing net neutrality and lets internet providers decide what to do with the networks.  Its freedom alright, just freedom for big business, not you and has the support of 30 Republican cosponsors.  And more power to big business.  In my neighbourhood, I already said there was only one fast broadband providers and they are hoping to merge with an even bigger provider.  Now this larger provider will have more power to stop competition.  More power to pay more lobbyist.  More power to pay lawyers if I have a valid complaint.

Blackburn further lies and says it’s about preventing big government from censoring the internet.  Net neutrality is about prevent internet providers from providing preferential treatment to a website or slowing down other websites or competitors.  Sure the FCC could expand and decide to censor but they aren’t now.

Big government can be bad.  If the FCC did decide to censor, it would be bad.  But they aren’t.  And that’s why you should be involved in politics.  You can help shape big government to support real net neutrality and stop it from going overboard.  But if we give that power to internet providers, you will have no choice.  So vote and support big government.

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