The Republican Definition

What is the Republican definition.  What does it mean to be a Republican?  I think the era of Donald Trump has certainly made some question their party loyalty.  For most, it's been a reaffirmation and a showing of their true colors.


I always find it interesting that people are against big government.  Just the idea of big government is enough to create revolt in some people’s mind and is blamed for everything that is wrong with our countries.

Red Light Cameras

What’s the big deal?  Do you think it is okay to go through a red light?  You probably have concerns about it being about revenue.  I guess we could throw people in jail?  Seriously, no!  You claim they have timed the lights.

Standing By Israel

On the face of it, it certainly can be hard to stand by Israel.  There are hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians including children dead.  And Israel has the power to immediately stop further Palestinian suffering.  However, I still stand by Israel.

On Immigration

There continues to be a lot of discussion about comprehensive immigration reform.  Unfortunately the discussion has turned to how it won't pass based on detractors myths and pushes for a piecemeal rather than comprehensive approach.  Let me show you how they are just plain wrong.

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